Cliff Ombeta biography, age, tribe, family, wife, children, house, cars, net worth

Cliff Ombeta is one of the most prominent lawyers in Kenya. An ‘ambulance chaser’ as other lawyers call him, Cliff is known to fight for his clients until they get the justice they deserve. Inside Cliff Ombeta biography is more information about his personal life.

Cliff Ombeta biography SRC: @Swala Nyeti
Lawyer Cliff Marube Ombeta biography SRC: @Swala Nyeti

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The flamboyant city lawyer has defended a number of high profile personalities in serious criminal cases, such as murder. Some of them include Former Governor Migori County, Okoth Obado, the Akasha brothers, Jacque Maribe and MP Babu Owino. Where was Lawyer Cliff Ombeta born?

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta profile facts

Real name:                Cliff Marube Ombeta

Place of birth:            Western Kenya

Date of birth:             29th July

Gender:                       Male

Religion:                      Christian

Nationality:                 Kenyan

Parents:                       Mr and Mrs Ombeta

Status:                          Divorced

Children:                       3

Profession:                   Lawyer

Cliff Ombeta Contacts: +254 730 144 100.

Ombeta twitter account: @Cliff Ombeta

Cliff Ombeta biography

The Kenyan criminal lawyer was born as Cliff Marube Ombeta to his parents Mr and Mrs Ombeta in Western Kenya. He was then raised together with his siblings until he joined Nairobi University for further studies. How old is Cliff Ombeta now?

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta posing for a photo SRC: @Facebook
Lawyer Cliff Ombeta posing for a photo SRC: @Facebook

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta age

Cliff Ombeta is one of those that prefer keeping their lives in a low key. Despite making his birthday, (29th July) public, Cliff is yet to share the exact year he was born. What is Cliff Ombeta tribe?

Cliff Ombeta tribe and family

The flamboyant lawyer is of the Kisii tribe, despite the fact that he was born and raised in Western Kenya region. However, more about his siblings is not known except for his sister, Nyakerario Mayaka.

His educational background

Upon sitting for his final primary exams, Cliff joined Jamhuri High School, but was expelled while in form one. He then went to Highway High School in Nairobi but again was expelled while in form two due to indiscipline cases.

Again, he joined Friends School Kamusinga where he got several suspensions before he was expelled and proceeded to Koilel Secondary School from which he sat for his final exams. Later, he enrolled at the University of Nairobi and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law in 1995.

Cliff Ombeta wife and children

Ombeta met the love of his life few years after graduating from the University of Nairobi. The couple stayed happily and was blessed with three kids; one girl and two boys. Unfortunately, they parted ways due to undisclosed reasons and are now co-parenting to raise their children.

Cliff Ombeta home and cars

Lawyer Ombeta is now considered as one of the wealthiest lawyers in Kenya. He owns a luxurious house in Nairobi worth millions. Besides, he rides expensive cars; Mercedes E330, Mercedes E220, Mercedes S- Class 320, and SLK 200 Convertible Mercedes that are worth knowing.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta net worth

Apart from handling cases of high profile personalities, the lawyer also owns a law firm, Ombeta and associates, which generates him good amount of money. Moreover, he runs a number of businesses that pay him well. His net worth is over Ksh. 300 million.

Cliff Ombeta with the Former Migori Governor, Okoth Obado SRC: @Nairobi News
Cliff Ombeta with the Former Migori Governor, Okoth Obado SRC: @Nairobi News

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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta biography reveal a determined individual who is working tirelessly to satisfy the needs of his clients. Follow our daily articles and know new stories as they emerge.



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