Raila discloses why he cut his birthday cake at exactly 11:47 a.m

Raila Amolo Odinga is the son of the first vice president of Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Born on January 7, 1945, the celebrated Kenyan opposition leader has served many posts including the Prime Minister Kenya 2008 – 2013. Surprisingly, he went ahead to cut his birthday cake at the Bomas of Kenya today.

Raila Amolo Odinga SRC: @People Daily

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ODM Party Leader explains why he cut his birthday cake at exactly 11:47a.m

Today on January 7, Raila celebrated his 77 birthday at the Bomas of Kenya, where many Kenyans attended. Top political people and other business people also attended the colorful event. The excited ODM leader went ahead to explain to the crowd why he had to cut the cake at exactly 11: 47 a.m.

ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga SRC: @Nairobi Wire

He also disclosed that immediately he was born he was named, Onyango. Explaining further, Raila stated that before his mother passed on, she could refer to him as Onyango and not by any other name.

“Today, there is one person I would pretty much like to appreciate, unfortunately she is not here. That is my mother. She endured a lot of pain,” Raila stated.

“I was born at exactly 11:47am, the time we have cut my birthday cake. That means my name is Onyango. My mother gave me that name and all while she was still alive, she used to call me Onyango to signify the time I was born. That is why I always tell men that you must respect all women.”

Raila’s birthday cake

Interestingly, Raila’s birthday cake was symbolic as it was a five-tier cake. According to him, the first tier represented President Jomo Kenyatta’s time from 1963 – 1978 while the second tier symbolized President Daniel Moi’s time who ruled from 1978 – 2002.

Raila Odinga’s five tier birthday cake SRC: @The Star

He also stated that the third tier represented President Kibaki’s time from 2002 – 2013, and the forth tier represented Uhuru’s time.

He went ahead to reveal that the fifth tier expresses his confidence to go in for the presidential seat on August 2022.

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Those who did not manage to attend the event sent him lovely messages via social media. This included the Deputy President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto who wrote, “Happy birthday Jakom. May you be blessed with many more.”