Mary Moraa net worth, Sources of Income, Properties, and World Athletics Championships

Mary Moraa often referred to as the “Dancing Queen,” has become a prominent figure in Kenyan sports particularly in the 800-meter run. Born on June 15, 2000, this 23-year-old athlete has captured the hearts of many with her exceptional talent. Recently, Moraa achieved a significant milestone by winning the gold medal at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Here is the latest update on Mary Moraa net worth.

Mary Moraa Net Worth
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Moraa’s journey to success began to unfold on the international stage in 2019 when she competed in the mixed 4 × 4000 meters at the World Athletics Championships.

Notably, Moraa secured a bronze medal in the 800 meters at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, followed by a remarkable gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, where she completed the race in an impressive 1:57:07.

The 2023 World Athletics Championships

Moraa’s breakthrough moment came at the 2023 World Athletics Championships, where she clinched the gold medal in the 800-meter final.

This victory marked a personal triumph for Moraa and also contributed to Kenya’s reputation as a powerhouse in producing exceptional talents in middle and long-distance running.

Personal background

Mary Moraa became an orphan at the age of two due to the successive deaths of her father and mother, and she was raised by her grandparents in Kisii, Kenya.  

Despite these hardships, her talent in athletics shone through, earning her an education bursary and support throughout her schooling.

Mary Moraa net worth

Mary Moraa’s success on the track has brought her fame and significant financial rewards as well.

It is estimated that she has accumulated a net worth of over 50 million Kenyan Shillings through her numerous victories and accomplishments. This places her among Kenya’s elite millionaires in the sports industry, standing shoulder to shoulder with other renowned athletes like Hellen Obiri.

As she continues to make strides in her athletic career, Mary Moraa net worth and success story is an inspiration to other aspiring athletes and a source of pride for Kenya.

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