10 Best foods for breakfast you need to know now

Do you take breakfast always? Most people take breakfast, although others prefer not to. Knowing what to eat in the morning is a better way to keep your body healthy. A healthy breakfast should entail nutritious foods to energize your body and help you run your day smoothly. Moreover, missing breakfast may make you overeat later in the day. Know the best foods for breakfast now.

Best foods for breakfast
some of the best foods for breakfast

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Having breakfast is so important because it provides the body with essential nutrients to help you through the day. However, skipping it is much better than eating unhealthy foods. Besides, consuming foods rich in calories and sugars may lead to some health complications.

10 best foods for breakfast

Have you been wondering about what is best to eat first thing in the morning? Not anymore because we have the best foods for breakfast for you.

1. Nuts and nut butter

Some people like animal proteins, while others prefer plant proteins. Nuts are nutritious and are rich in proteins that help the body in many ways. Eating nuts in the morning will fill your stomach and curb the feeling of wanting to eat all the time, thus preventing weight gain. Studies indicate that nuts are rich in calories, but the body does not absorb all of them.

Best foods for breakfast
Nuts and nut butter

Besides, nuts contain antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that are useful to the body. They also play a role in reducing insulin resistance, decreasing inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

In a particular study, diabetic people who replaced a portion of carbs with 56 grams of nuts lowered their blood sugars and cholesterol levels. You can spread your nut butter on whole-grain toast, mix it with yogurt or use it in fresh fruits as a dip. Nut butter may be of different kinds such as cashew butter, peanut butter and almond butter.

2. Green tea

This beverage is among the healthiest drinks most people enjoy every day. It contains caffeine that improves the metabolic rate and a person’s mood. According to a particular study, green tea can help the body burn fats, thus promoting weight loss.

Best foods for breakfast
A glass with green tea

Besides, the beverage has an EGCG antioxidant that protects the heart, the brain and the nervous system from damage. Some studies also indicate those diabetic people who drink green tea regularly reduce their blood sugars and insulin levels.

3. Cottage cheese

Have you been looking for foods to fill your stomach all day? Cottage cheese is rich in protein and is among the best foods for breakfast. The proteins in this food help the body in metabolic processes and decrease the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Best foods for breakfast
Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that promotes weight loss. Moreover, this food is rich in calcium, vitamin A and B. You can eat your cottage cheese by itself or mix it with savory foods such as pepper and spring onions.

4. High-quality protein foods such as eggs

Eggs are among the best foods for breakfast. They are nutritious and have high protein content. Eating eggs for breakfast will increase the feeling of fullness and reduce the desire to eat. This lowers calorie intake during the next meal and helps maintain normal blood sugars and insulin levels.

Kienyeji eggs
Kienyeji eggs

Egg yolks also contain lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants that help prevent eye disorders such as macular degeneration.

5. Greek yogurt

This thick and creamy yogurt contains more proteins as compared to regular strained yogurt. The protein in Greek yogurt reduces appetite, thus lowering calorie intake. This food also contains calcium and probiotics that support gut health and improve the immune system.

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt

Moreover, this yogurt increases the metabolic rate in the body. The full-fat yogurt also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps lower weight and the risk of breast cancer. Some people take the yogurt plain while others prefer adding berries or chopped fruits to it.

6. Oatmeal

If you love cereals, then oatmeal will do better for you. Oatmeal has a beta-glucan fibre that reduces appetite and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, oatmeal has antioxidants that promote heart health, decrease blood pressure and protect its fatty acids from becoming rancid.

A bowl with oatmeal

These oats also contain folate, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium that are crucial to the body. However, they are low in proteins and therefore, it is good to prepare them with milk instead of water to boost their protein content.

7. Ripe bananas

These fruits are among the best foods for breakfast. Most people eat them as snacks during meals or in between meals. Bananas contain potassium, which promotes steady blood pressure. They also have resistant starch that supports digestive health.

Ripe bananas
Ripe bananas

Besides, the folate and vitamin B6 in bananas help in the production of serotonin, which reduces anxiety and improves mood. You can eat your bananas with nut butter. Some also prefer slicing and applying them on top of oatmeal or cereals.

8. All kinds of berries

If you are looking for fruits with low sugars, then berries will work for you. These fruits are of various varieties such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. They contain fewer calories, low sugars and high fibre levels as compared to other fruits.

Various types of berries
Various types of berries

In addition, they have an antioxidant that lowers the risk of a heart attack. Include berries to your morning meal by sprinkling them on yogurt, cereals, oatmeal or blending them into smoothies.

9. High fibre foods such as flaxseeds

Eating flaxseeds for breakfast is a great way to start your day. Flaxseeds are rich in protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, which play several health benefits such as improving insulin sensitivity, lowering cholesterol levels and protecting against cancer.

A bowl with flaxseeds

To increase fibre and antioxidants to your breakfast, add your flaxseeds to oatmeal, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or smoothies.

10. Coffee

Studies show that the caffeine in coffee can improve one’s mood and mental performance. It can as well help burn fats and enhance the body’s metabolic rate.

A cup with coffee
A cup with coffee

Furthermore, the beverage has antioxidants, which reduces inflammation, decreases the risk of diabetes and liver diseases.

Why is skipping breakfast bad?

Skipping breakfast may tempt you to eat heavy lunch with more calories or sugars, which is not good for your health. Besides, it is linked with cardiac risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes and obesity.

What should you not eat in the morning?

Observing a nutritious, balanced diet is a great deal for staying healthy. Foods not to eat in the morning include pancakes, white bread, doughnuts, flavoured yogurt, muffins and packed fruit juices.

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The above best foods for breakfast will increase the feeling of fullness and decrease the anxiety of eating all day. Eat a balanced diet now, and stay healthy.



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