Top 15 types of cakes you should taste

Cakes are common in birthdays and weddings. Different cakes have different flavors, depending on the ingredients used.  Some cakes have more sugar, while others have a little. Besides, many people find it cheap baking cakes from home. Which types of cakes have you not baked or tasted yet?

Types of cakes
Decorative wedding cake

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There are two main categories of cakes; butter (containing fat) and foam (containing no fat content).  Some people like eating butter cakes while others prefer foam cakes. If you know your taste, then deciding the type of cake to buy or bake will be easier for you.

15 types of cakes you should know

Various ingredients give cakes different tastes and flavors. Here are the top 15 types of cakes you should try;

1. Pound cake

This type of cake is among the common types of cakes with vanilla extract flavors. One can make this cake with a pound of each ingredient (flour, eggs, sugar, and butter). Make your pound cake by separating and whipping white egg parts and folding it into the batter and leaven it.

Types of cakes
Sour cream pound cake

Besides, the pound cake has a dense texture and does not rise much when baking. You can bake this cake in a loaf pan or a Bundt.

2. Carrot cake

If you intend to do a home party, then you should try this type of cake. You can leaven carrot cake with baking powder and baking soda. The cake uses neutral vegetable or canola oil instead of butter.

Types of cakes
Carrot cake

When baking this cake, add grated carrots to make it extra moist. Flavor your carrot cake with warm spices and frost it with cream cheese.

3. Yellow butter cake

These cakes are among the types of cakes many people enjoy baking. Make this sweet cake by creaming butter and sugar and add the wet and dry ingredients. However, some put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together. Top your yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting billows and rainbow sprinkles.

Types of cakes
Moist yellow butter cake

4. Red velvet cake

If you have not tasted the red velvet cake, then try it on your next birthday. This delicious cake was first baked by a chef at Waldorf-Astoria in 1920 and is well known as a $200 cake. Most people prefer using oil to make the red velvet cake instead of butter.

Types of cakes
Torta red velvet cake

The cake attains its color from the reaction of buttermilk and raw cocoa even thou people use food coloring these days to give it its color.

5. Sponge cake

This type of cake is among the types of cakes without baking powder and baking soda. Sponge cake includes whole eggs or white separated eggs. Soak your sponge cake in a syrup flavor such as lemon syrup, whipped in cream layers, and smashed berries.

Types of cakes
American sponge cake

6. Genoise cake

This type of cake is known as sponge cake in both Italy and France. To make a genoise cake, beat whole eggs with sugar until they are mousse-like, then fold flour and butter or oil into it. Add flavor and moisture to your cake by moistening it in a syrup flavor. Some prefer baking this cake in a jelly-roll pan even thou others bake it in a round pan and frost it.

Genoise cake
Lemon cream genoise cake

7. Angel food cake

Are you looking for types of cakes with no fats? Try angel food cake for it has no butter. This cake is made with white separated eggs with no yolks. The white eggs are whipped with sugar before the flour is folded in gently, making the cake snowy-white.

Angle food cake
Angle food cake

Cool your cake upside down in a pan to maintain its airly texture. Furthermore, the cake has high sugar content, which gives it a chewy and spongy texture.

8. Chiffon cake

This cake is a cross between sponge and oil cake. When making this cake, include vegetable oil, baking powder, and eggs to make it light. Beat your separated white eggs to soft peaks before folding them into the batter to make a tender crumb and flavor like oil cake. You can bake your chiffon cake in tube pans.

Chiffon cake
Orange rosemary chiffon cake

9. Devil’s food cake

Are you wondering why this type of cake is called devil’s food? Devil’s food cake originated in the United States before it spread to other parts of the world. The cake is ‘devilish’ because of its chocolate layers, made in the form of cocoa powder.

Devil's food cake
Devil’s food cake

Besides, the extra baking soda in this cake makes it light and airly. After you bake your cake, frost it with chocolate or vanilla frostings.

10. Fruit cake

This type of cake first originated in Rome, Italy. Fruit cake is made with nuts, spices, dried or candied fruits that give it a unique and a sweet taste. After cooking, rub your cake and soak it in a spirit or nuts of your choice.

Fruit cake
Chocolate fruit cake

11. Hummingbird cake

This type of cake is also delicious. You can flavor this cake with pineapples, bananas, vanilla extract, pecan, and warm spices. Top your hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting to attain its sweet favor.

Hummingbird cake
Hummingbird cake

12. Lady Baltimore cake

This cake originated in the United States and is commonly used in weddings. Layer your lady Baltimore cake with fruit and nut fillings and top it with pillowy meringue type of frosting.

Lady bartimore cake
Lavender lady bartimore cake

13. Opera cake

This type of cake has thin layers of chocolate, almond, espresso, flavored with coffee chocolate ganache, and buttercream. Top your opera cake with chocolate ganache to give it a unique look. Bake this cake now and enjoy its taste.

Opera cake
Opera cake

14. Panettone cake

This type is a cross between cake and bread. The shape of the Panettone cake is different from that of its top. Panettone cake is made from candied oranges, citron, lemon zest, and raisins.

Panettone cake
Panettone cake

15. Flourless cake

This type includes both baked and unbaked varieties. You can make your flourless cakes in a springform pan or regular round layer pan. The cakes may have the bottom crumb crust or not depending on one’s preference. Besides, the flourless cakes have high-fat content as compared to other cakes.

Flourless cake
Flourless chocolate meringue cake

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The above types of cakes have different flavors because of the ingredients used. Make your cake at home now and enjoy its sweet taste.



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