Top 20 best places to visit in Kenya this coming holiday

Kenya is a beautiful African country in the equatorial region with a conducive climate. The country ranks top among other African countries with the highest annual inflow of tourists. Travelers often visit various fascinating places in Kenya for exploration. A single visit to the country is enough to keep you coming back for more adventure. We have the best places to visit in Kenya for your upcoming trip.

Best places to visit in Kenya
PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort, Mombasa

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Kenya has a lot to offer to keep you satisfied. Enjoying the fresh atmosphere at the shores as you view the white sandy beaches is a great way to keep you relaxed. Visit Kenya now and adventure its bountiful natural beauty and wildlife. Even better there are white sandy beaches, lakes, national reserves, parks, and historical sites to explore.

20 best places to visit in Kenya

Kenya is a great country if you are looking forward to being in places. Climbing mountains, diving, snorkeling, watching the migration of wildebeests are some of the fun activities you can do. While there are many places to visit, these destinations will blow your mind.

1. Nairobi city

 The capital city of Kenya is one of the most beautiful in Africa. The city is also county number 47 in the country. Moreover, Nairobi is the most developed city in region full of wildlife parks, industries, sprawling infrastructure, gardens, museums, forests, and legendary colonial sites.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Face of Nairobi city

The city’s major attractions, such as Ngong hills, Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi national park, and Hell’s Gate national park, make it the best place to visit. Furthermore, the city has great skyscrapers and is a metropolitan public place to find almost everything the world can provide.

2. Mount Kenya

This mountain is among the best places to visit in Kenya, especially for those who love climbing and trekking. The mountain is the highest point in Kenya and the second-highest mountain in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya has an altitude of about 5,199 meters above sea level with snow-capped peaks and forest slopes that make it beautiful and attractive. Apart from being a site for UNESCO World Heritage, the mountain is also a great spot for tourists.

3. Mombasa cosmopolitan city

Named as county number 1, Mombasa is one of the best places to visit in Kenya. Mombasa city is located on the southern coast and is the largest port city in the country. The city has a breezy weather with white sandy beaches and beautiful sceneries on the coastal line of the Indian Ocean. Apart from supporting different cultures and traditions, the Mombasa port benefits the country by attracting travelers and traders, such as Indians, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese, and British.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Mombasa city

The city’s major attractions, such as Fort Jesus, Mombasa Marine National Park, Diani beach, Old Town, and Nyali beach, attract many tourists to Kenya. Besides, the city has old monuments, beaches, corals, markets with affordable seafood making it a good place to visit.   

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4. Lamu island

If you want to adventure and explore, then the island is the best place for you. Lamu Island is famous because of preserving different cultures showing how the ancients lived. The island also has old age buildings blended in British, Indian, architectural, and Arabic styles. Walking around the streets of this island will allow you to enjoy its calm atmosphere and stare at the natural beauties and sceneries surrounding it.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Lamu Island

Most people love sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, and kitesurfing at this peaceful island. Besides, the island is full of attractions such as Manda Island, Lamu museum, and Lamu fort.

5. Maasai Mara National Reserve

Located in Narok County, Maasai Mara is among the spectacular reserves in the country. This game reserve is a place to visit if you want to see the ‘Big Five’ (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino) and other wildlife animals.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Elephants in Maasai Mara National Park

Tourists like watching the migration of zebras and wildebeest from Serengeti Tanzania to the reserve, which happens between July and October of every year. One can as well enjoy watching the island’s natural beauty, camping sites, and facilities.

6. Diani beach

The beach is located in Mombasa to the coastal line of the Indian Ocean and is about 10 km long. Diani beach is one of the international beaches and is among the best places to visit in Kenya because of its extreme scenic beauty.

Best places to visit in Kenya
Diani Beach

Tourists enjoy the beach’s tropical weather as well as viewing the pearly white sand and the palm-lined trees. If you love watersport games such as kitesurfing and diving, then Diani beach will satisfy you.

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7. The Great Rift Valley

The valley is about 6,000 km long and is among the beautiful sites in Kenya. People visit this place to enjoy the views of the broadest and deepest lakes. Besides, the valley is unique because it hosts some volcanic features. You can view the valley from Iten town that is a few km from Eldoret. 

The Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley

8. Amboseli National Park

Located in Loitokitok, Rift Valley, Amboseli National Park is among the best places to visit in Kenya. Amboseli is a park you can visit to view large herds of wildlife animals such as elephants, cheetah, zebras, giraffes, and different species of birds. Interestingly, one can have a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the park.

Amboseli National Park
Elephants at Amboseli National Park

9. Tsavo National Park

The park has two parts; Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Apart from being the largest park in Kenya, Tsavo is also among the biggest parks in the world. The park encompasses volcanic hills, savannah, rivers, lava rock plateau, and waterfalls.

Tsavo National Park
Giraffes at Tsavo National Park

Tsavo East is an open savannah land where large herds of elephants and other wildlife animals graze. The park has Yatta plateau (the longest lava flow in the world), Lugard falls, Mudanda rock, and Galana river that flows through it.

The western side has beautiful sceneries such as Ngulia rhino sanctuary, Mzima Springs, Chaumu crater, and dense vegetation that cannot allow one to see the wildlife easily.

10. Malindi town

Based on the northern side of Mombasa, Malindi entails an old face that reflects the history and culture and the modern face that reflects development. Many people, especially the Europeans, meet at Malindi to trade and explore coral reefs, pristine beaches, and monuments such as Vasco Da Gama Cross.

Malindi Town
Malindi Town

The major attractions in Malindi town include the Malindi Museum, Watamu beach, and marine national park. Visit Malindi and enjoy surfing, diving, and snorkeling.

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11. Nyali beach

The beach is located in the coastal region and is among the international beaches in the country. Nyali’s scenic nature may tempt you to revisit the place now and again.

Nyali Beach
Nyali Beach

Visitors love the white sandy beaches and the cool atmosphere. The beach offers quality facilities and personalized services to its customers.

12. Uhuru Gardens

Located in Uhuru Highway, Kenyatta Avenue, Uhuru garden is a fascinating haven to visit. This recreational park is a 13-hectare that houses Lake Azure and a large monument. Its beautiful landscape and lush green plantations make it scenic, giving a calm atmosphere to visitors.

Uhuru Gardens
Uhuru Gardens

The garden is also a picnic spot for lovers to have rest and talk more. You can visit this garden and enjoy its peaceful environment.

13. Manda Bay

The bay is located on Manda Island, Lamu County. Surrounding the site are Tamarind and coconut palm grove trees, which provide a cool environment to its customers as they view the white sandy beaches. Manda Bay is a fascinating place that is best for tourists, lovers, friends, families, and honeymooners.

Manda Bay
Manda Bay

14. Lake Nakuru

The destination is within the vicinity of Lake Nakuru Reserve in the Rift Valley. Some like calling it ‘the spectacular bird spectacle’ on earth. The lake has algae in abundance that attracts many flamingos and other bird species.

Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru
Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru

Tourists visit the lake to view the flocking of beautiful flamingos, especially those of the fuchsia pink species. You may also see animals such as waterbucks, white rhinos, lions, warthogs, and leopards at this lake.

15. Wasini Island

The island is based on the southeast coast, Kenya. Tourists, friends, families, and lovers visit the island to adventure as they view dolphins cruising in water. People get to the island by sailing on dhows. If you love sailing, diving, and snorkeling, then Wasini island is among the best places to visit in Kenya.

Wasini Island
Wasini Island

16. Lake Victoria

 The lake is the second largest fresh lake in the world, and it runs through three countries; Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. You can feel the lake’s breeze as you walk at the shores.

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria has various non- native fish species like Cyprinids, Tetras, and other aquatic life varieties like African helmeted and William’s mud turtles that attract tourists.

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17. Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The private game reserve is situated in Nanyuki between the foothills of Aberdares and Mount Kenya and is about 90,000 acres of land. The conservancy has many wildlife animals such as the Big Five, hyenas, cheetahs, hartebeest, and zebras. The game reserve has chimpanzee sanctuary as well as north and south white rhinos such as Baraka.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Ol Pejeta Conservancy

18. Fourteen falls

These fourteen falls are located in Mary dale farm, Garrisa road, in Thika. Watching these fourteen falls at this hidden place is impressive. You can enjoy doing several activities at these falls, such as photography, boating, and fishing. Walking with a tour guide is preferable.

The Fourteen Falls
The Fourteen Falls

19. Hell’s Gate National Park

The national park is located in North West of Nairobi and is among the best places to visit in Kenya and even camp. Hell’s park has two volcanoes; the Fischer’s tower (former volcano plug) and red cliffs of Hell’s Gate gorge (Obsidian Caves). Hell’s park has different wildlife animals and bird species you can spend time watching.

Hell's Gate National Park
Hell’s Gate National Park

The wildlife animals in this park include leopards, baboons, hartebeest, gazelles, cheetahs, and lions even thou they are few. The park’s major attractions are Fischer’s tower, Olkaria geothermal station, hot springs, and Obsidian Caves. You can as well hike at this beautiful place.

20. Menengai Crater

The crater is 2,490 m high and is the second largest volcanic in the world. Its scenic nature is a great attraction for tourists and visitors in the country. You can hike at this eye catching crater. Visit the Menengai crater and enjoy its beautiful environment.

Menengai Crater
Menengai Crater

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The above best places to visit in Kenya may give you a reason to revisit. Enjoying the breeze at the beach with your lover, watching the flock of flamingos at Lake Nakuru, going for a honeymoon at the island will be memorable to you. Which places will you to visit first?


Best places to visit in Kenya


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