Top 5 Best places to visit in Mombasa during holidays

When considering places to visit in Kenya during vacations or holidays, the coastal region of Mombasa has a wide range of beautiful sceneries to your list. Especially, for tourists, both local and outbound alike, and people who have a penchant for travelling. In this article, we give you the upper hand in having the best time to visit the top four best places in Mombasa during holidays.

Best places to visit in Mombasa during holidays
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One thing that makes Mombasa truly unique is its status as Kenya’s oldest and second-largest city, with a history that spans over a millennium. Join us as we delve into the top interesting places you can visit.

List of the top 4 best places to visit in Mombasa during holidays

The coastal city has been a hub of trade, culture and recreation, welcoming people from various parts of the world. It is mostly characterized by influences from Arab, Indian and European cultures. 

Below are the outstanding, beautiful and breath-taking sites in the coastal city of Mombasa

 1. Mama Ngina Drive

Mama Ngina Drive is located beside the Likoni Ferry and it offers a scenic view of the Indian Ocean. It also has cool temperatures that liberate you from the high temperatures of the coastal region.

Besides, there are several products to be purchased; snacks to quench your thirst, high-class hotels across the entire stretch and much fun not the least of which is horse riding and skating.

2. Old Town Mombasa

This small town located within the city of Mombasa is situated on the south coast of the island.

It is averse to diverse cultures combining different communities like the Swahili, Arab, Asian, Portuguese and British settlers.

One fascinating aspect of Old Town Mombasa is its well-preserved Swahili architecture, which reflects the city’s rich history and cultural heritage.

3. Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus is a famous, instrumental and monumental historic structure built by the Portuguese.

It is an imposing structure with the marks of modifications bearing important witness to the exchange of cultural values among the coastal people.

Further, its layout and form reflect the exact mastery of iconic Portuguese architecture.

4. Nyali beach

Out of the variety of joyous places to experience full fun at, never miss what the Mombasa beaches have to offer.

One such is the Nyali beach. The short-lived experience at the beach gives long-lasting joy as you get the full fun of swimming, sand-bathing and playing among several others that await you in yonder.

5. Haller Park

At this amazing park located at the North coast of Mombasa along Mombasa Malindi road, the surprise that awaits you indeed dumbfounding.

It is a lovely place with several sceneries to not only view the wildlife but also get to associate with them through feeding the monkeys and the giraffes.

Before venturing into anything for the first time, it is paramount to consider proper places that will be worthwhile and justify your expenditure. Therefore, the above are the best places to visit in Mombasa during holidays.

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