Akothee Net Worth: List of Top 10 Sources of Wealth, Music, Travel, Hospitality & Philanthropy

 Esther Akoth Kokeyo, better known by her stage name “Akothee,” is a Kenyan musician, businesswoman, and social media influencer. She has gained significant fame in Kenya and beyond for her music career and vibrant online presence. Here’s an overview of Akothee net worth and interesting sources of income as of 2024.

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Born on April 8, 1983, in Migori County, Kenya, Akothee’s story is one of resilience and determination. Her entrée into the Kenyan music scene in mid-2010 marked the beginning of her ascent to fame. Akothee has a unique blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, and pop music. But how rich is Ester Akoth?

 Akothee net worth and Income sources 2024

Mrs Schweizer has had her journey from a modest background.

A deeper look reveals that Akothee grew her love for music from the SDA songs she sang while young.

She has since grown to be a multi-talented musician capturing the hearts of many with her dynamic personality and fearlessness.  

How does Akothee make money?

Beyond her music career, Akothee is a successful businesswoman.

She has invested in real estate, hospitality and a number of businesses, including hotel in Mombasa

Despite criticism that her failed marriages could have been a stepping stone to her success, Akothee’s tenacity and self-belief have remained unshaken. 

Her recent marriage to Denis Schweizer marks a celebrated milestone in her life.

Here is a list of Akothee’s successful business ventures and sources of income

1. Music Career: A stepping Stone to Wealth

Akothee’s music career has been instrumental in shaping her net worth. On online platforms like YouTube, she has reached a global audience.

The views and streams garnered from her music have added a lucrative dimension to her income streams. Her hit songs, such as “Give it to Me,” “Oyoyo,” and “Yuko Moyoni,” have topped charts and contributed significantly to her financial success. 

2. Akothee Safaris travel industry

Akothee’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish “Akothee Safaris,” a venture that offers a unique travel experience.

Her ability to combine her love for travel with her business acumen has resonated with travellers seeking unforgettable adventures.

Akothee Safaris has not only created jobs but also boosted Akothee’s financial portfolio.

3. Brand Ambassadorship and Aknotella Entertainment

Akothee’s vibrant presence on social media has made her a sought-after brand ambassador.

Her partnership with various brands including Sunrise, Peptang, Ruai Family Hospital, Orchid Valley, Umoja shoes and Rossy Tissues has added to her net worth and solidified her status as a social media influencer.

Besides promoting brands on social media, Esther Akoth is the managing director of Aknotella Entertainment Company. The company deals with digital web branding and advertising.

4. Performing at shows

Akothee’s performances at shows and events have been a reliable source of income. Inner sources reveal that Akothee charges up to 1 million Kenyan shillings to perform at a single event.

Her stage presence, energy, and connection with her audience have made her a favourite among event organizers.

5. Hotel Business

Boss Lady’s investment in the hospitality sector, including owning a prominent hotel in Mombasa, has added a luxurious touch to her financial portfolio.

The business has since flourished from travellers seeking comfort.

Philanthropy and awards

Esther Akoth is also recognized for her philanthropic efforts. She is involved in various charitable events and promoting education for young girls.

She has won awards such as the Afrimma Award for the Best Female East Africa and the Pulse Music Video Award for the Best Female Video.

What is Akothee’s net worth?

Akothee’s net worth as of 2024 is estimated at an impressive 1 billion Kenyan Shillings. This amasses from the over 100 million worth of properties in real estate, a fleet of vehicles and successful business ventures.

 The singer and businesswoman leads a flamboyant life candidly displayed on social media.

Akothee phone number and accounts

Email address[email protected]

Contact Akothee’s customer service team for booking or inquiries.

Akothee’s story exemplifies the power of determination, and staying true to oneself in pursuit of financial success.

From a humble beginning to an iconic social media influencer, Akothee’s net worth earns her a spot among the richest women in Kenya.

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