Top 10 best morning exercises to help you keep fit

Exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to help you keep fit. Scientists have shown that if one exercises in the morning, he/she is likely to have good moods all day. Besides, regular training with the best morning exercises can help boost one’s brainpower and strengthen the body’s muscles.

best morning exercises
Daily morning exercises

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People with depression can lower their conditions if they exercise regularly. Studies have confirmed this fact that proper exercising relaxes the body and the brain hence reducing depression.

Best morning exercises that you should not miss every day

According to scientists, regular exercises help the body release enough energy that is important for proper functioning of the body. Moreover, those people who exercise regularly are at low risk of developing health complications such as diabetes.

Do you know you can now exercise from home without going to the gym? Below are the best morning exercises that can help you keep fit and healthy without leaving your home.

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are among the best morning exercises for strengthening the body, especially the shoulders, chest, and triceps. Have you tried push-ups before? Here is a simple guideline for you;

  • Hold your body at your arm’s length while lying down with your face looking at the ground.
  • Ensure your arms are in line with your shoulders
  • Lower yourself down while exhaling.
  • Lift your body as you inhale slowly
  • Now repeat as you count the number of push-ups you make.
best morning exercises

Experts can do as several push-ups as their energy can allow, while beginners can start by a few sets, increasing them daily as they expertise.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a great exercise for the good health of the cardiovascular. Most people prefer doing jumping jacks because they find them comfortable.

Here is how to achieve jumping jacks;

  • Stand upright with your legs closed
  • Then jump as you spread out and return in your legs and arms at the same pace.
  • Repeat this severally to a number you may prefer.
best morning exercises
Jumping Jacks

3. Leg squats

Did you know that leg squats are among the best morning exercises? Try them for stronger body muscles, especially those of the legs. The training is easy when using the following steps;

  • Stand with your feet apart
  • Stretch your arms to the front
  • Inhale while lowering yourself down (bending the knees) at a slow pace until you form a 90 or more degree angle
  • Hold on that point for seconds then rise to the start point as you exhale
  • Beginners can do 10-15 push-ups as they increase the number
best morning exercises
Leg Squats

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4. Abductor Side Lifts

This exercise involves the lifting of body sides. Abductor Side Lifts is best in controlling the tilting of the pelvis. Studies show that side lifts are also critical in building body muscles.

Use the following directions for perfect abductor side lifts;

  • Lie straight on one side with the hand on the lower side curled, supporting your head.
  • Rest the other hand on the upper side of your body to hold the waist
  • While in that angle, lift the leg slowly and hold for a few seconds as you bring it down.
  • Do this about 15 times before you turn to the other side
  • Beginners can start with 10 sets as they increase the number to their preferred level.
best morning exercises
Abductor Side Lifts

5. Cat Camel Stretches

This exercise originated from the ‘Cat’ walking style. Studies have shown that Cat Camel Stretch is one of the best morning exercises for developing spinal flexibility. The stretches made during a cat camel exercise can help build body muscles and as well as prevent arthritis. Achieve your cat camel stretches by following these steps;

  • Kneel on both your legs and arms like a cat with your head and spine in alignment
  • Breath in as you extend your head between your arms to form a camel shape, then breath out as you raise your head form a cat shape
  • Do this gently about 15 times while maintaining the breathing pattern
Cat Camel Stretches
Camel Cat Stretches

6. Bicycle Crunches

Did you know that bicycle crunches are the best when it comes to developing body abs? Bicycle crunches can also help build body muscles. Here is the procedure;

  • Lie on the ground facing up as your hands support the head.
  • Slowly lift the upper side of your body as you raise the folded legs from the floor.
  • If you are left-handed, you can start by pushing your upper left side to the right side of your pelvic. Now stretch the left leg as the right one remains bent (if you are right-handed, start with your upper right).
  • Repeat this to the other side of your body.
Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunches

7. Go for a walk or run

Research reveals that running or jogging increases heartbeats, which makes an individual inhale more oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This exercise lowers one’s blood pressure, hence maintaining a healthy heart. Taking a walk can also help one develop more strong bones, thus keeping his/her bodyweight fit. Here is a comfortable walk-run guideline;

  • Wear comfortable running attire  
  • Jog in slow strides as you increase your pace for about 20 minutes
  • If you choose to walk, then take longer steps while increasing the speed.
Go for a walk or run
Running Exercise

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8. Lunges

Lunges are suitable for body fitness exercises. Findings also show that lunges help in toning glutes and quadriceps. Follow these steps;

  • Stand with shoulder-width apart and place hands on your hips.
  • Then take a full step forward with the right leg while observing the knee not go beyond your toes.
  •  Lower the left leg near to the floor and then alternate the legs as you make perfect lunges.
  • Repeat this to the other leg.

9. Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls help in developing the body muscles. When done in the morning, this exercise can boost your moods and maintain a healthy body as well. Do you get any difficulties when doing Bicep Curls? Here is a guide for you;

  • Choose a portable household object that you can hold on.
  •  Sit bending a little bit forward for triceps to lean on the thigh and give you support while holding the object in your hand.
  • Inhale while lifting the arm with an object to the shoulder length and exhale as you lower it down.
  • Alternate the hands and repeat about 15 times.
Bicep Curls
Bicep Curls

10. Balancing Table Pose

Balancing Table Pose is an exercise that helps one maintain memory and concentration. Besides, it can also enable an individual to develop a steady body balance.

  • Take a table pose of both hands and knees (in four), inhale before you take a movement.
  • Exhale as you lift your left leg while raising your right arm, ensuring that all are parallel to the floor.
  • Now inhale as you lower both the leg and the arm. Turn to the other side and repeat.
Balancing Table Pose
Balancing Table Pose

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Observing regular morning exercises is vital to the human body. These exercises boost one’s daily moods, improves brain power, and strengthens muscles. Taking walks also helps keep the spinal fit, thus maintaining body balance. However, if you are pregnant or have a health complication, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you begin any of the best morning exercises above.



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