KCB mobiGrow account: Loans, interest rates, repayment and mobi app

Have you been wondering how to open a KCB mobiGrow account? If yes, then do not worry because KCB bank has brought their services to your doorstep.

KCB mobiGrow
KCB Bank CEO | Joshua Oigara

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MobiGrow is one of KCB’s best products that aim at improving agriculture’s value-chain among small-scale farmers in Kenya. The bank launched this convenient service to improve the lives of farmers, especially women and youths.

KCB mobiGrow account 2020

Farmers can now save their money with the KCB mobiGrow account using their mobile phones. The bank has also made it easier for farmers to borrow loans with this account. The loans targets to empower farmers in their agricultural activities and daily lives.

How do I open a mobiGrow account?

Opening a KCB mobiGrow account is free, fast, and straightforward. Below is the procedure;

  1. Dial *225# on your phone
  2. Select option 1, “Open mobiGrow account”
  3. Accept the given terms and conditions
  4. Enter your ID number
  5. Enter any secret pin of your choice
  6. Re-enter your chosen pin above and continue opening the mobiGrow account
  7. Deposit a minimum amount of 10/= to activate your account
  8. After depositing, wait for your mobiGrow account number in your phone’s message inbox.
KCB mobiGrow Account

How to get a mobiGrow loan

Getting a loan requires one to save with mobiGrow. The more you save your money with KCB mobiGrow, the more eligible you become for bigger loans. Customers are now encouraged to save their money with mobiGrow to enable them qualify for higher loans.

How do I qualify for a KCB mobi loan

For you to be eligible for a mobi loan you need to;

  1. Activate your KCB account and sign up for KCB mobile banking
  2. Have an active mobi account for 6 months with at least four deposits during the period
  3. Ensure the account is active and not overdrawn at any point

MobiGrow loan limit

Have you been wondering about how much you can borrow from mobi? KCB mobi offers loans of a minimum amount of Ksh. 1,001 to a maximum amount of Ksh. 300,000. Remember that every time you take a loan, you earn yourself Simba points, which can be redeemed for great rewards.

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Steps of applying for mobiGrow loan

Follow these simple steps to apply for a KCB mobiGrow loan.

  1. Dial *225# on your phone then enter your secret mobiGrow pin
  2. Select loan and choose request loan
  3. Enter the amount you want to borrow
  4. Choose the period you prefer to repay starting from 1 month
  5. Receive funds into your mobiGrow account.

Withdrawal money from mobiGrow account

Does how to withdraw money from your KCB mobiGrow account worry you? Here are simple directions for you;

  1. Dial *225# on your phone
  2. Enter your mobiGrow pin
  3. Now select withdrawal at KCB Mtaani
  4. Then follow the given prompts to make a withdrawal

How to repay KCB mobiGrow loan

Paying your mobiGrow loan is now easier. Follow the guide below;

  1. Dial *225# from your phone
  2. Enter your secret mobiGrow pin
  3. Select loan
  4. Chose pay loan
  5. Select pay from mobiGrow account
  6. Enter the amount you want to pay

NOTE: To make a payment from a different account, first transfer the money to your mobiGrow account.

Mobi interest rates and fees

If you have been looking for moneylenders with low-interest rates, then mobi loan is here for you. Mobi offers loans of up to Ksh. 300,000 with a low-interest rate of 4.08% per month.

MobiGrow loan app

Getting a loan via mobi loan app is now easier. All you need to do is;

Apply for a loan via KCB mobi app now
Apply for a loan via KCB mobi app now
  1. Go to Google play store
  2. Download myMobi loans app
  3. Install the app
  4. Register with your correct details to open a mobi account
  5. Deposit Ksh. 10 to activate your account
  6. Start saving with moboGrow and qualify for bigger loans

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KCB mobiGrow encourages small-scale farmers to apply for loans to improve their livelihoods. Women and youths may also open accounts with mobiGrow, save their money, and qualify for loans to better their lives as well. Share your story and lets know about your experience opening the mobiGrow account.



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