Humphrey Kariuki Biography: The Kenyan Billionaire’s Age, Wife, Family, Companies & Properties He Owns

Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa is among the few billionaires in Kenya and a prominent figure in the African business landscape. Born in Nyeri County, a rural region in the Central Highlands of Kenya, HK has rose to becoming a remarkable billionaire entrepreneur. Here is Humphrey Kariuki biography, with a deeper look into his life, family, education, his vast business empire, and the properties he owns.

Humphrey Kariuki Biography
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The wealthy businessman is reportedly said to have supported William Ruto’s campaign in 2022. In return, President Ruto appointed him as a member of the National Investment Council for a three-year term after being sworn in on September 13.

Humphrey Kariuki biography and profile summary

Real nameHumphrey Kariuki Ndegwa
Date of birthAugust 28, 1957
Age67 years (2023)
CountyNyeri County
WifeStella Nasike
Net worthKsh 10 billion

Family and education

Humphrey Kariuki was born into a family of ten siblings and grew up in a typical rural setting. His father, who believed in the power of education ensured that all his children received an education.

Humphrey completed his O’ levels at Nairobi School and went on to Kagumo High School for his A’ levels.

During a break of eight months after his A levels, he joined the Central Bank of Kenya at the age of 19, where he worked as a clerical staff.

His time at the Central Bank exposed him to various departments, including Export, Foreign Exchange, and Imports. However, Humphrey Kariuki realized early on that he had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be in control of his destiny, which led him to pursue a different path.

Humphrey Kariuki’s wife and children

While Humphrey Kariuki Ndwega’s professional life and business ventures have been well documented, he has maintained a private and low-key family life.

Humphrey Kariuki is married to Stella Nasike, and little is known about her in the public eye.

Humphrey and Stella have chosen to keep their family life and children away from the media spotlight.

Companies and properties owned by Humphrey Kariuki

Humphrey Kariuki’s business empire has continued to expand.

He founded Janus Continental Group, a conglomerate with a presence in multiple sectors, including petroleum, energy, hospitality, and real estate.

His empire includes several prominent companies and properties namely:

The Hub, Africa Spirits, Dalbit Petroleum, Great Lakes Africa Energy, Fair Mount Kenya Safari Club, Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and Animal Orphanage.

How he founded the alcoholic and beverage drinks

After working at the Central Bank for a while, Humphrey took some time off to visit his elder sister in the United Kingdom.

During his visit, he seized an opportunity to bring a car back to Kenya and sell it. This marked his entry into the car trading business.

Humphrey’s entrepreneurial journey continued as he explored various business opportunities. He established the famous Green Corner restaurant, known for its hamburgers, steaks, and samosas.

He then ventured into importing wines and other alcoholic beverages, challenging the government’s monopoly on alcohol importation.

This led to the creation of Wines of the World, later known as WOW Beverages. Humphrey’s determination and business acumen were evident in the success of this venture.

Humphrey Kariuki biography serves as an inspiration to many people aspiring to create a brighter future from modest beginnings.

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