Good news as the Government plans to distribute new set books and Grade six textbooks to schools as from next week

The government has now set plans to distribute new set books to secondary schools as from Monday this week. This is after the Ministry of Education advised the replacement of the current set books with new ones.

One of the new set books for secondary schools SRC: @Education Trends, @The Black Board Kenya

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Speaking with one of the media houses, the CEO Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Charles Ongondo also stated that primary schools would receive grade six textbooks as from Monday.

The new set books and the ones they will replace

The New English set books for secondary schools include A Silent Song and Other Stories replacing the anthology, Memories We Lost.

Those for Kiswahili include Hadithi fupi, Pambazuko ya Machweo na Hadithi Nyingine replacing Tumbo Lisiloshiba.  Bembea by Dr. Timothy Moriasi will replace Kigogo by Pauline Keya Kyovi.

Some of the new English set books for secondary schools SRC: The Black Board Kenya

The CEO stated that the texts will be sent to all schools early this week as they will be used as from April 25, first term of the new academic year.

However, the other set books will be replaced late this year and be used from 2023 to 2026. These include;

1. Fathers of Nations to replace the Novel, Blossoms of the Savannah

2. The optional play A Parliament of Owls by Adipo Sidang in place of the optional play, Inheritance by David Mulwa.

3. The Samaritan adapted from John Lara’s Play, From the Rest of the World to replace Henrik Ibsen’s Play, A Doll’s House.

4. Cheche za Moto replacing Riwaya, Chozi la Heri by Assumpta Metei.

5. Artist of the Floating World (Optional Novel)

According to Charles Ongondo, Grade six textbooks will be sent to all schools by the start of 2023 academic year.

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