5 Little known facts about Jeff Koinange wife and son

Jeff Mwaura Koinange is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya. He started his career over two decades ago and has risen to attract a number of fans both in Kenya and outside the country. Despite his celebrity life, he has managed to keep his love life away from the public for years now. See below for Jeff Koinange wife biography.  

Jeff Koinange wife SRC: @Tuko
Jeff Koinange wife SRC: @Tuko

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Who is Jeff Koinange first wife?

Before marrying his current wife, the journalist had married a Panamanian lady, Sonia Koinange in 1988, but separated in 1994 due to untold reasons. Here are is what you might have not known about Shaila, Jeff Koinange second wife.

1. She is not a Kenyan

After separating with Sonia, Jeff moved on and married Shaila, a lady of the Asian origin in 1998. They two have stayed happily since then. How old is Jeff Koinange wife?

Jeff Koinange wife SRC: @Tuko
The journalist with his wife Shaila Koinange SRC: @Tuko

2. Jeff Koinange wife age

Shaila Koinange age still remains unrevealed up to date. However, sources indicate that she was born in 1960s/70s, thus about 50 years as of 2021. 

3. Shaila has only one child

Jeff and his wife struggled for nine years before they got their only child, Jamal. The lovely boy was born almost the same time his father shifted from CNN. How old is Jeff Koinange son now?

Jeff with his lovely wife and son SRC: @Kenyans.co.ke
Jeff with his lovely wife and son SRC: @Kenyans.co.ke

4. Shaila Koinange son age

Jamal Mbiyu Koinange was born in 2007, thus years as of 2021. However, the couple has not shared the exact date and month the little boy was born. We will keep you updated immediately we find more.

The journalist with his son Jamal Koinange SRC:  @Ghafla
The journalist with his son Jamal Koinange SRC: @Ghafla

5. She was a flight attendant

Despite information about Shaila Koinange education history being undisclosed, sources indicate that she met with Jeff while working as a flight attendant at Pan AM World Airways. No details are available about her current job. Stay tuned, as you know more.

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