Jeff Koinange cars and houses that will shock you

Jeff Mwaura Koinange is one of Kenya’s media personalities that are eyed by many. He hosts Jeff Koinange Live show at Citizen TV and a breakfast show at HOT 96. Being one of the highest-paid journalists in Kenya, Jeff is leading an expensive life admirable by many. Do you know Jeff Koinange cars and houses?

Jeff Koinange cars and houses
Jeff Koinange and his G-wagon car

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Jeff has gained his wealth from media over the years now. He worked with an international media house, CNN, before shifting to Kenya’s high profile media stations such as KTN and K24. Jeff is currently working with Citizen TV and HOT 96. Reports indicate that Jeff Koinange’s salary is amounting to two million shillings per month.

Jeff Koinange cars and houses

Jeff is one of those that prefer living life to the fullest. With his salary, Jeff owns expensive properties such as houses and a Bentley watch with a crocodile strap that amounts to millions of money.

1. Jeff Koinange cars

When talking of great men riding expensive cars, Jeff Koinange cannot be left out. He owns several cars, including a Mercedes Benz G-wagon costing over 10 million shillings.

Jeff Koinange cars and houses
Jeff Koinange, his wife, son and their Mercedes Benz G-wagon car

Jeff Koinange’s G-wagon car has left many eyebrows raised because of its unique look. Surprisingly, the car is a left-hand drive, which is against the road laws of Kenya.

Jeff Koinange's G-wagon car is a left-hand drive
Jeff Koinange’s G-wagon car is a left-hand drive

 In his Twitter account, lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi said, ‘Jeff’s car is a left-hand drive…I thought we have a legal prohibition against such imports…or is Jeff’s a special case?’ he received many responses from Kenyans.

Jeff Koinange's Mercedes Benz G-wagon car is a left-hand drive
Jeff Koinange’s Mercedes Benz G-wagon car is a left-hand drive

Besides, Jeff Koinange’s car number plate is unknown. This has raised questions among Kenyans after seeing him ride the car without a number plate several times.

Jeff Koinange's car is without a number plate
Jeff Koinange’s car is without a number plate

2. Jeff Koinange house

Have you been wondering about where Jeff Koinange lives? Earning a seven-figure salary per month is evident enough that Jeff Koinange’s home is lavish. Although he still keeps his mansion from the public, much has been said about it.

One of Jeff Koinange's houses in Kitisuru
One of Jeff Koinange’s houses in Kitisuru

During his radio show, Maina Kageni said that Jeff Koinange’s house in Kitisuru is a palace with the rarest art collections. ‘Jeff even has a cigar museum, a wine museum, and a distinctive whisky,’ he added.

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