Top richest journalists in Kenya of all time

Have you ever imagined a world without journalists? Journalism has become one of the greatest careers for a number of people in the world today. With talented and experienced radio presenters, reporters, and anchors, we updated daily events occurring in the world. Thanks to our journalists who put endless efforts to ensure that, we get news every day. Moreover, some of the media personalities have emerged as the top richest journalists in Kenya.

Some of the top richest journalists in Kenya

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Have you been wondering about journalists’ salaries in Kenya? Media is a sector with the highest-paid journalists earning millions to the lowest-paid journalists getting a fair amount of money.

8 top richest journalists in Kenya

Most of the top richest journalists in Kenya work with great media companies such as Royal Media Services, Nation media group, and Radio Africa. Here is a list of the richest journalists in Kenya.

1. Raphael Tuju

Now a politician, Tuju, was a journalist, a TV producer, and a real estate investor. He is currently serving the Government of Kenya in various capacities, although he remains one of Kenya’s most successful journalists.  According to reports, Tuju is a multi-millionaire with many investments.

Raphael Tuju

2. Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is a Kenyan journalist and a radio presenter who has won the love of many Kenyans. Having worked with international media houses such as CNN from 2001 to 2007, Jeff Koinange is among the top richest journalists in Kenya. He has worked with high profile TV stations like KTN and K24 and is currently hosting a talk show; Jeff Koinange Live at Citizen TV and a breakfast show at HOT96.

Jeff Koinange

Besides, he is also one of the judges at East Africa’s Got Talent. Jeff Koinange is also one of the highest-paid TV presenters earning a salary of up to 2 million shillings per month. Furthermore, Jeff has had endorsements with big companies apart from showing interest in Real estate.

3. Maina Kageni

When it comes to the highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya, Kageni cannot be left out. He hosts a breakfast radio show at Classic 105 FM that is a talk among many.  According to reports, Maina Kageni’s salary amounts up to a seven-figure every month. He also has an interest in the Real estate industry.

Maina Kageni

Surprisingly, Manchester United awarded Maina Kageni two flashy cars (new Chevrolet Trailblazer with a blue exterior and the other with a maroon exterior) for being their big fan. The two cars are branded with the Manchester united colours.

4. Julie Gichuru

Before quitting her job from Citizen TV as an anchor, Julie Gichuru used to earn a lot of money. She is now a Kenyan entrepreneur and fashion retail who has inspired many. Julie owns an Arimus Media Limited production house that earns her a lot.

Julie Gichuru

Besides, she is an independent director at Acumen Communication Limited and a Trustee of the African Leadership Initiative East Africa. This is the reason why Julie Gichuru remains one of the top richest journalists in Kenya. Do you know that Julie co-owns the M-CHEZA betting company?

5. Linus Kaikai

Kaikai is one of the most paid journalists in Kenya. Currently, he is working with Citizen TV as a Director of Strategy and Innovation. Linus is also the Chairman of the Kenya Editors Guild KEG. Holding these two posts is evident enough of how rich Linus Kaikai is.

Linus Kaikai

6. Caroline Mutoko

Famously known as the queen of the radio by her fans, Caroline Mutoko is one of Kenya’s richest media personalities. She has worked for more than 15 years in the media industry and is now the CMO of Radio Africa Group. Reports indicate that Caroline Mutoko’s salary is a seven-figure number close to 2 million shillings.

Caroline Mutoko

7. Joe Ageyo

Before shifting to Citizen TV, Ageyo was a news reporter and a managing editor at KTN who focused on environmental stories. He is now an editorial director at Royal media services. With this post, it is evident beyond doubt that Joe Ageyo is among the highest-paid journalists in Kenya.

Joe Ageyo

8. Francis Gachuri

Gachuri is a senior reporter and a political editor at Citizen TV. So far, he is the most paid political journalist in Kenya. This ranks him as one of the top richest journalists in Kenya.

Francis Gachuri

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The above is a list of the top richest journalists in Kenya. Follow our daily articles and know more stories that are interesting.