Top facts about Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Age, education, wife, children, career, salary, house, cars, and net worth

Hassan Ali Joho is a Kenyan Politian who is a glare to many. Famously known as Governor 001, Hassan Joho vied for Mombasa Governorship on March 4, 2013, under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). He was sworn in on March 27 as the first Governor of Mombasa County. On August 22, 2017, Ali Hassan was reelected into office because of his endless efforts to develop and help the Mombasa County people. Let us know the top facts about Ali Hassan Joho now.

Governor Mombasa County, Ali Hassan Joho

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Before vying for the governorship in 2013, Joho competed for Kisauni Member of Parliament in 2002 but lost. He again vied in the 2007 general elections and became the Member of Parliament for Kisauni Constituency. Since then, Joho has been in the office working that his people never regret electing him. Besides, Hassan Joho is the ODM Deputy Party Leader affiliated to the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

Top facts about Ali Hassan Joho

Have you been wondering about the Governor of Mombasa County? If yes, then we are here to help you know more about his biography, age, family, education, wife, children, house, cars, and net worth.

Hassan Joho Profile

Real name:        Hassan Ali Joho

Date of birth: February 26, 1976

Hometown:       Kisauni, Mombasa

Nationality:       Kenyan

Parents:             Mzee Ali Joho, Ummu Kulthum

Siblings:             Not known

Status:               Married

Wife:                  Madina Joho

Children:           Four children

Occupation:     Politician

Party:                Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

Twitter account:     Governor Hassan Joho


Facebook account: Hon. Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho Biography

Hassan Ali Joho was born on February 26, 1976, in Kisauni, Mombasa, to Mr. Ali Joho and Mrs. Ummu Kulthum. More about his siblings is not known as much is not said about them. See his education history and career below.

Ali Hassan Joho education

Like any other child, Hassan Joho went to Tom Mboya primary school, of which he passed and proceeded to Serani Boys Secondary. After sitting for his high school final exam, Joho enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at Kampala University.

He then enrolled for a master’s degree in Business Administration. Moreover, he has done several diploma courses such as shipping, business, logistics, and ICT.

Hassan Joho career

Apart from being active in politics, Joho has held other positions in various sectors. His positions include;

  • The Assistant Minister for Transport
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Foreign, Defense, and Election committee
  • Library Committee Member of Transport, Housing, and Public Works
  • The chairperson of Kisauni party for the Liberal Democratic Party in 2006 to 2007

In addition, Ali Hassan Joho is now one of the deputy party leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). Thanks to his unspoken efforts to the people of Mombasa County.

Who is Ali Hassan Joho’s wife?

Hassan Joho has one beautiful wife by the name Madina Giovanni Fazzini. Madina is not a public figure as most of the other countys’ first ladies.

Madina, Governor 001’s Wife

The two lovebirds have children, but their names are not in public. During his swearing-in as a governor, Joho was seen with his two children (a daughter and a son), although their profile is in a low-key.

Ali Hassan Joho children

This is one of the top facts about Ali Hassan Joho. Hassan Joho is a husband to Madina Joho, and the two have four children, although much is not about them. Besides, Joho has been seen with his daughter and son in public many times.

Some of Governor Joho’s children

Governor Hassan Joho salary

According to reports, Kenyan governors earn a basic salary of Ksh. 924,000 per month. This does not exclude Joho, who is among the top-performing governors in Kenya. Governors also earn a number of allowances that amount their salaries to over a million.

Hassan Joho Foundation

Joho founded a non-profitable organization titled ‘Hassan Joho Foundation’ in 2008, which aims at supporting the needy members of the society. The foundation targets education, sports, orphanages, drug rehabilitation, youth empowerment, and entrepreneurial initiatives within Mombasa County. 

Hassan Joho Foundation also provides water through sinking boreholes, giving bursaries to students, sponsoring sports and many other activities that have significantly impacted to Mombasa people.

Ali Hassan Joho cars

Governor 001 is among those with expensive cars in Kenya. He owns cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Rolls Royce. Moreover, his 21 million Bentley Bentayga car has indeed raised the eyebrows of many.

Some of Governor 001’s cars

Hassan Joho house

When talking of great men with costly mansions, Joho is not left out. He owns a palatial mansion near Nyali beach worth Ksh. 400 Million. Isn’t that great?

Governor Hassan Joho House

Ali Hassan Joho net worth

Earning more than Ksh. 924,000 per month is evident enough that Hassan Joho is very rich. His net worth is now estimated to $87 million.

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The above are the top facts about Ali Hassan Joho. Follow our daily articles and see more stories that are interesting.