A list of President William Ruto cars; how much they cost him

William Samoei Ruto is one of the billionaires in Kenya. He has accumulated his wealth from different sources such as Hospitality industry, Heritage Group of Hotels, Insurance Company, Oil and Gas Company and Media Max Limited. Below is a list of William Ruto cars and how much they cost him.

William Ruto cars SRC: @The Standard, @The New York Times
William Ruto with his 100 milion campaign truck SRC: @The Standard, @The New York Times

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William Ruto’s 100 million truck

On July 8, he received a well pimped six wheeled truck branded with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) colours for his campaigns. The excited billionaire in the making shared photos of his new truck on social media, appreciating the artist behind it.

“Indeed Every Hustle Matters. Pimp My Ride: Creativity at its best. Thank you for your contribution to the Hustler Nation Campaign,” Ruto wrote.

The fifth president's  six wheeled truck SRC: @The New York Times
The fifth president’s six wheeled truck SRC: @The New York Times

Speaking to one of the media houses, the business tycoon Patrick Nderitu said that it took them a whole year to design the truck. “The whole preparation for the vehicle took one year. That was when it was completed and everyone started talking about it. We had to plan it in advance so that the end result can be of high quality,” he said. 

“I donated the vehicle to the Deputy President unconditionally because I felt he needs it in the final stretch of his campaigns,” he stated.

Answering on how much the truck cost, Nderitu said that it is about 80 – 100 million.

William Ruto cars

Apart from the six-wheeled truck, Ruto also owns expensive cars that are worth knowing.  Below is a list of William Ruto car collection.

1. Lexus LX570 worth 35 million

William Ruto has been spotted several times riding in this expensive machine. It is said that it is one of his best cars. Sources also indicate that the car has unique features such as a roomy comfortable interior and a top speed of 230 miles per hour.

William Ruto with his Lexus LX570 Car SRC: @The Standard, @Opera News Detail
William Ruto with his Lexus LX570 Car SRC: @The Standard, @Opera News Detail

2. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 worth 15 million

Land Cruiser V8 also finds space in Dr William Ruto’s car collection. The sleek machine has a 4.5 litre engine, which delivers 2000 horsepower. Besides, it has modified features that make it different from other Land Cruiser cars.

President William Ruto's other car SRC: @The Star
President William Ruto’s other car SRC: @The Star

3. William Ruto cars, Range Rover Sports

The fifth president Kenya is also a lover of Range Rover Sports cars, as he owns more than three of them. Each Range Rover goes for Ksh. 20 million.

Other cars owned by William Ruto include Mercedes Benz and BMW series 7.

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William Ruto cars are customized with unique features to meet the security standards for a high-ranking government official like him. Follow our daily articles and know new stories as they emerge.



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