7 Quick facts about Justice Martha Koome

Martha Karambu Koome is a Kenyan advocate currently serving as the Chief Justice of Kenya. She was nominated by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on April 27, 2021, preceding Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga. Below are the top facts about Justice Marthe Koome you need to know.

facts about Lady Justice Martha Koome SRC: @Twitter
The Chief Justice of Kenya, Martha Koome SRC: @Twitter

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Koome was among the 13 female candidates who were shortlisted for the Deputy Justice Position in 2016, but lost to Justice Philomena Mwilu. Luckily, she was nominated as the Chief Justice from among the 10 candidates who competed for the same.

Quick facts about Justice Martha Koome

How old is Martha Koome? Justice Martha Koome was born on 3rd June, 1960. She is therefore 63 years old as of 2023. She is a perfect example of those born in humble backgrounds, but have made their dreams come true. The top facts about Lady Justice Martha Koome are;

1. She was born in Meru County

The Kenyan nominated Justice was born Martha Karambu Koome on June 3rd, 1960 in Kithiu Village, Meru County. Her parents were peasants who struggled to ensure their children had quality education. 

New CJ, Martha Koome SRC: @Facebook
New CJ, Martha Koome SRC: @Facebook

2. She is an alluminae of the University of Nairobi and University of London

Upon completion of her high school studies at Mugoiri Girls High School, she enrolled at the University of Nairobi to study Law. She then joined the Kenya School of Law and earned a Postgraduate Diploma in 1987. Later, she went to the University of London and did a Master’s Degree (LL.M) in Public International Law, which she completed in 2010.

3. Martha started her law firm in 1993

The newly nominated Chief Justice became an advocate of the High Court of Kenya in 1986. She then worked as an associate at Mathenge and Muchemi Advocates until 1993, when she left and started her own law firm.

4. She was once the Judge of the Court of Appeal

After serving as Puisne’s Judge for a number of years, she was appointed as the Judge of the Court of Appeal in 2012 for Nairobi, Nyeri, and Malindi. In the same year, Martha was elected as the chairperson of, Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association. It was after this that she went in for the Deputy Chief Justice seat in 2016, but was defeated by Justice Philomena Mwilu.

Martha Karambu Koome SRC: @AReal News
Martha Karambu Koome SRC: @AReal News

5. Koome was once the chairperson for FIDA-Kenya

The nominated CJ was once the chairperson of the International Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya. Besides, she also helped in the review of the Children’s Act when she was serving as the chair of the National Council on the Administration of Justice.

6. She is the first woman ever to be nominated as a Chief Justice

Martha has broken the record after winning the seat of the Chief Justice. This is because there is no other woman who has held such a seat in Kenya ever since. Congratulations to her.

The first woman in Kenya to become a Chief Justice SRC: @Twitter
The first woman in Kenya to become a Chief Justice SRC: @Twitter

7. She is a mother of three

What is the tribe of Martha Koome? Martha is a Meru. She is the wife of Koome Kiragu, Chairman of Habitat for Humanity, Kenya. The two have stayed together for a number of years, and are blessed with three lovely children.

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The above are the quick facts about Justice Martha Koome. Read our daily articles and learn more stories including Martha Koome biography, family, salary, net worth, and more.


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