A list of NHIF inpatient hospitals in Kisii County

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is one of the best medical insurance cover providers in Kenya. It gives outpatient and inpatient covers at an affordable amount as compared to most insurances. Besides, NHIF has made it easier to access their services from hospitals within your proximity. Have you been looking for NHIF inpatient hospitals in Kisii County?

NHIF inpatient hospitals in Kisii County
Some of the NHIF inpatient hospitals in Kisii County

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Like many other counties, Kisii County has many NHIF inpatient accredited hospitals. However, inpatient services, especially in private medical facilities, are a bit expensive.

List of NHIF inpatient accredited hospitals in Kisii County

More than 50 hospitals in Kisii County offer inpatient services. Here is a breakdown for you;

NHIF inpatient hospitals in Nyaribari Chache constituency

  1. Bobaracho Dispensary
  2. Irondi Dispensary
  3. Kiogoro Health Centre
  4. Masongo Dispensary
  5. Nyaguta Dispensary
  6. Nyakwana Dispensary
  7. Nyamemiso Dispensary
  8. Nyanko Dispensary
  9. Nyansancha Dispensary
  10. Nyansira Dispensary
  11. Nyaura Dispensary
  12. Rikendo Dispensary
  13. Taracha Dispensary

NHIF inpatient hospitals in Bomachoge Chache constituency

  1. Egetonto Dispensary
  2. Keragia Dispensary
  3. Maroba Dispensary
  4. Misesi Dispensary
  5. Moogi Dispensary
  6. Nyamasege Dispensary

Nyaribari Masaba Constituency

  1. Ekerubo Dispensary
  2. Emeroka Dispensary
  3. Ibacho Sub District hospital
  4. Kenyerere Dispensary
  5. Kiamokama Health Centre
  6. Nyamagesa Dispensary
  7. Nyamasibi Sub County Hospital
  8. Nyasike Dispensary
  9. Ramasha Health Centre
  10. Sosera Dispensary

NHIF inpatient hospitals in Bobasi

  1. Ebiosi Dispensary
  2. Gesure Dispensary (Sameta)
  3. Gionsaria Health Centre (Nyamache)
  4. Itibo Eramani Dispensary
  5. Itumbe Dispensary
  6. Kenyerere Dispensary (Sameta)
  7. Kenyoro Dispensary
  8. Kiobegi Dispensary (Nyamache)
  9. Motonto Dispensary (Sameta)
  10. Nyachenge Dispensary
  11. Nyakegogi Dispensary
  12. Nyansakia Health Centre
  13. Omosaria Dispensary
  14. Rusinga Dispensary

Hospitals offering NHIF inpatient services in Bonchari

  1. Bitare Dispensary
  2. Ekerubo Dispensary (Kisii South)
  3. Gesuguri Dispensary
  4. Isamwera Dispensary
  5. Nyabioto Dispensary
  6. Nyamagiri Dispensary
  7. Nyamagundo Health Care
  8. Oroche Dispensary
  9. Riotanchi Health Centre

NHIF inpatient hospitals in South Mugirango

  1. Bokimai Dispensary
  2. Eburi Dispensary
  3. Giatunda Dispensary
  4. Kiagware Dispensary
  5. Nyabiosi Dispensary
  6. Openda Dispensary
  7. Suguta Health Centre

Bomachoge Borabu

  1. Bomachoge Borabu Sub County Referral Hospital
  2. Itumbe Dispensary
  3. Magena Dispensary
  4. Omobera Dispensary

NHIF inpatients hospitals in Kisii Township

  1. Bosongo Medical Centre – 2200, Kisii
  2. Christa Marianne Hospital & Nursing Home – 335, Kisii
  3. Getembe Annex Hospital – 2409, Kisii
  4. Hema Hospital  – 2, Kisii
  5. Kisii Level VI Hospital – 92, Kisii
  6. Lenmek Hospital – 2617, Kisii
  7. Nyanchwa Adventist Medical Centre – 22, Kisii
  8. Nyangena Hospital – 3492, Kisii
  9. Oasis Specialist Hospital – 1574, Kisii
  10. Ram Memorial Hospital – 554, Kisii
  11. The Nairobi Family & Maternity Hospital – 1798 40200, Kisii
Hospitals in Kisii County
Some of the NHIF inpatient accredited hospitals in Kisii County

Kitutu Chache North

       Isecha Health Centre

NHIF inpatients hospitals in Kisii County with their addresses

  1. Gesusu Sub District Hospital – 92, Kisii
  2. Ibeno Sub County Hospital – 92, Kisii
  3. Itierio Maternity & Nursing Home – 874, Kisii
  4. Mogumo Medical Centre – 1639, Kisii
  5. Sengera Mission Health Centre- 433, Kisii
  6. Etago Sub District Hospital
  7. Gucha Cottage Maternity & Nursing Home – 573, Keroka
  8. Gucha District Hospital – 6, Ogembo
  9. Iranda Health Centre
  10. Kenyenya District Hospital – 128 40211, Kenyenya
  11. Keumbu Sub District Hospital  – 37, Keumbu
  12. Marani District Hospital – 228, Keroka
  13. Marble Healthcare Limited – 273-406, Rongo
  14. R.R.M.T  – D,- Ropment Medical Centre 66402, Nyamarambe
  15. Romieva Medical Centre – 36232, Nairobi
  16. South Gucha District Hospital – 27, Nyamarambe
  17. St. Catherines Ichuni Mission Hospital – 17 40202, Keroka
  18. Tabaka Mission Hospital – 6, Tabaka
  19. The Nairobi Family & Maternity Hospital – 1798 40200, Kisii
Hospitals in Kisii County
Some of the NHIF inpatient accredited hospitals in Kisii County

How do I select a hospital for NHIF?

Selecting a hospital for NHIF is now faster and simple. Here is a guide for you;

  1. Turn on your internet connection
  2. Go to Google play store
  3. Download NHIF app ‘My NHIF.’
  4. Follow the given steps to register

Those without smartphones are as well not left out. Select your NHIF hospital by dialing NHIF USSD *155#, then follow the given prompts.

What does NHIF cover for inpatient?

NHIF inpatient covers all medical treatment and services depending on the clinician’s orders to the member admitted in any of the NHIF inpatient accredited hospitals.

How much does NHIF cover inpatient?

Inpatient is a bit expensive compared to outpatient covers as it includes bed charges, dressings, and operating theatre charges. Private hospitals charge up to Ksh. 4,000 per day.

What does NHIF cover in private hospitals?

NHIF inpatient cover in private hospitals includes bed charges, dressing, nursing care, diagnostic, physiotherapist fees, operating theatre charges, laboratory fees, specialist consultations, surgeons, and medication.

How do I know my NHIF inpatient hospital?

To check for your NHIF inpatient hospital, go to the NHIF website online or visit nearby NHIF offices.

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You are now aware of the NHIF inpatient hospitals in Kisii County. Register for NHIF now and enjoy their affordable services.



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