A woman who had cooked stones for her children gets a house worth Ksh. 1.4m from Kenyans

The outbreak of Corona Virus in Kenya has affected many people, especially those without white-collar jobs. Some are straining to the point that they cannot afford even a single meal per day. Here is a story of a woman who had cooked stones for her children.

A woman who had boiled stones for children finally gets a new six-bedroom house

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Early this year, a widow from Mombasa had boiled stones for her hungry children. Penina Bahati Kitsao did this to reassure her eight children that something was cooking, hoping they could get tired and fall asleep.

A widow who had cooked stones for her eight children

Penina, whose husband was killed last year by a gang, struggled to provide for her family. Having no white-collar job, Penina used to wash laundry locally but was greatly affected by the Corona Virus outbreak. She could no longer get any casual jobs as the government had set restrictions over the pandemic.

Penina Bahati Kitsao, who cooked stones for her children

The widow said that she had tried looking for jobs to put food on the table, not to find one. She then decided to cook stones expecting her kids to get tired and sleep. Used to her cooking tactics, the kids could not bear it anymore. One night they woke up and started crying for food but thanks to her neighbour, Prisca Momanyi, who alerted the media for Penina’s plight.

 It is after this that NTV interviewed Penina. She said that since her husband died in 2019 under robbers’ arms, her kids have not been able to go to school. Many people sympathized with her situation and decided to send her money via her mobile number and the bank account. Furthermore, many well-wishers were touched and decided to donate and build Penina a house.

Penina Bahati Kitsao during the interview by NTV

Surprise as a woman who had cooked stones for her children gets a new house

On Saturday, December 5, 2020, Peninah received the key to her new six-bedroom house worth Ksh. 1.4m. The home is located in the Mishomoroni area, Mombasa County. Unable to hide her joy inside her mask, the widow said that it is through prayers that God touched generous Kenyans to help her.

Penina Bahati Kitsao’s new six-bedroom house

Peninah said her family would occupy three bedrooms as they rent the remaining three. Besides, she thanked everyone who made efforts to help her vacate from her small house to a more comfortable one. She also said that were it not for Kenyans, her life could have remained miserable.

Penina Bahati Kitsao and one of the well-wishers cutting the ribbon to open the new house

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