5 Tips to help you from drowning when your car has been swept by floods

Over 150 people have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing El Nino rains, which have also caused thousands of Kenyans to be displaced and properties destroyed. Some were lucky enough to be pulled out of dangerous situations just in time to prevent fatalities from occurring because flash floods carried their cars away. Here are tips to help you from drowning when your car has been swept by floods.

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Main tips to help you from drowning

  1. To begin with, one must refrain from driving through flooded areas. When you realize you are getting close to flooded waters, you can always turn around. But it’s frequently difficult to forecast the amount of flush foods and the patterns of the rain.
  2. Release the seat belt – exiting the vehicle should be your top priority. The experts advise against attempting to get assistance and instead concentrate on ensuring your safety because the car might fill up and capsize.
  3. After removing your seat belt, you should think about rolling down your window to give yourself a window to swim out. If the car is stationary, you can use the headrest or any other heavy object to smash the window.
  4. Step outside the vehicle – When the window is open, grab onto something, like the seat belt, get onto the seat, open the window, and climb up onto the roof or top of the vehicle. You can now make a call.
  5. Swim to safety – If the car is moving as quickly as the floods are, jump over it to prevent the possibility that it will collide with something and knock you off balance.

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What do experts advise?

To educate drivers in 2019, professionals from Rescue Three International, an emergency training school located in Wilton, California, USA, staged a flash flood alongside ABC News. The experts in the simulation gave helpful advice on how to save a driver or passenger who is drowning.

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According to experts if you realize that help isn’t going to be there soon enough, you should jump off and swim with your feet up and pointing downstream. Swim toward the area of the water that appears to be calmer.

You can swim faster and escape as soon as you approach the edge where you can do so. Those who are not proficient swimmers can cling to any floating object and signal for assistance.



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