Flaqo Raz biography, age, tribe, family, education, girlfriend, career, salary, house, cars, and net worth

Flaqo Raz is one of the youngest entertainers in Kenya who have taken comedy industry by storm. He started his career in August 2018, and came to limelight in early 2019. The comedian is well known for playing the character of Mama Otis, which is a reflection of how real African mothers behave. Besides, he is a scriptwriter, dancer, and a singer who has released a number of bestselling R&B songs. See below for Flaqo Raz biography.

Flaqo Raz, one of the best comedians in Kenya SRC: @Ghafla

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The rib-cracking icon has an ability of playing several characters, thus the reason behind him being rated among the best comedians in Kenya. Have you been following up with Flaqo Raz comedy videos?

Interesting facts about the fast upcoming comedian, Flaqo

Ever since his breakthrough, Flaqo has gotten a massive following on his social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Learn more about Flaqo Raz biography, age, tribe, family, education, girlfriend, career, salary, house, cars, and net worth now.

One of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya SRC: @The East African Feed

The Kenyan comedian, Flaqo comedian

Flaqo Raz real name:             Erastus Ayieko Otieno

Place of birth:                        Aga Khan Hospital

Date of birth:                         December 25

Gender:                                  Male

Zodiac sign:                           Capricorn 

Nationality:                            Kenyan

Flaqo Raz parents:                 Names not known

Siblings:                                 2

Status:                                    Single

Occupation:                           Comedian, Singer, Dancer

Instagram account:                @flaqo411 

Facebook account:                 FLAQO RAZ Flaqo411

Flaqo Raz biography

The Kenyan comedian was born as Erastus Ayieko Otieno at Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya. His parents raised him together with his other two siblings in Kisumu County. However, little is known about Flaqo Raz siblings except for his young brother who is a photocopy of the comedian.

TBT: Long time photos of Flaqo’s family SRC: @Ghafla

Flaqo Raz age

How old is Flaqo Raz? The commonly asked question remains unanswered, as Flaqo prefers his age away from the public eye. He has never revealed on when he was born. Despite this, it is believed that he is in his mid 20s. Flaqo Raz birthday is on December 25 every year.

What is Flaqo Raz tribe?

The comedian’s accent in his comedy videos can give you a hint of his origin. He was born in Nyanza region, Kisumu County. Besides, his middle and last names are evident enough that he is from the Luo tribe.

Flaqo Raz family

Erastus, well known as Baba Otis,is from a humble background and the first born among the three siblings in his family. He rarely shares information about his family members.

Flaqo Raz mother SRC: @Nairobi Wire

In one of his social media platforms, he once posted photos of parents appreciating them for bringing him up to what he is now. Interestingly, Flaqo Raz brother and Raz look alike one could think they are but twins.

The comedian with his look alike brother SRC: @YouTube

Flaqo 411 educational background

Erastus attended Xaverian primary school in Kisumu County after which he proceeded to St. Mary’s High School. He then joined Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST), and graduated with a Degree in Public Health in 2018. Do you know that his fellow comedian, Mulamwa, has also done a medical related course?

His career

Flaqo never intended to be a comedian in his life. He first started singing while in campus doing the R&B songs. On realizing that he was not getting to the top as he anticipated, he thought of trying comedy. It is after this that he started his comedy career in August 2018, recording videos using his phone, and sharing them on Whatsaap and Facebook.

Flaqo in action while acting as Mama Otis SRC: @Nairobi News – Nation

At first, he got demoralized as his inner friends laughed at his content for he played several roles; Baba Otis, Mama Otis, Bakari, Mama Kinston, and Akoth. Realizing that the videos were getting more views, he did more content, which gave him a massive following on both Instagram and YouTube. He then found his breakthrough in early 2019 and has grown to fame since then.

Flaqo in different characters SRC: @Nairobi Wire

Unfortunately, Flaqo Raz YouTube channel (which had more than 100k subscribers) was terminated on October 17, 2020, due to violating Copyright regulations. He has however worked on the matter and is now proudly posting his videos on his channel.

The comedian with Churchill SRC: @Twitter

Flaqo Raz girlfriend

Is Flaqo Raz married? For those ladies crushing on this rib-cracking comedian, there is still time to try your luck.  He is single and searching. During one of the interviews, he revealed that his campus ex-girlfriend threw him out of her house because he was broke.

Surprisingly, he came into the limelight two months after the incident. Since then, he has never disclosed any information about his love affairs. We will keep you updated immediately we find out more.

Flaqo Raz salary

Erastus is said to be pocketing a good amount of money every month. He owns a music-recording studio, Hittites, in Kisumu that pays him well every month. Moreover, his YouTube channel is also paying him well. Kenyanmoves.co.ke shall update you after finding out more.

Mama Otis, aka, Baba Otis SRC: @The East African Feed

Flaqo Raz cars

The comedian is enjoying life with a big spoon. He shared a photo thanking God for blessing him with a brand new car. His blue convertible car is worth millions of money.

Flaqo in his Volkswagen convertible car SRC: @The East African Feed, @YouTube

Flaqo Raz net worth

Apart from comedy, Flaqo is also making money from other sources. He has won endorsement deals with great companies such as Airtel, Samsung, and Yola that have paid him well. However, information about his net worth is still under review.

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The above is Flaqo Raz biography. Follow us daily and know exciting stories including Mulamwa biography, wife, and children.


Flaqo with his brother in his Multi-million car SRC: @YouTube