Top 10 causes of lower back pain you should know

Lower back pain is a common condition that many people are dealing with in the world today. Having this condition may be stressful since it can deter an individual from managing his/her daily activities. Have you been wondering about what might be causing these pains? If yes, then here are the causes of lower back pain you need to know.

Causes of lower back pain
A man suffering from lower back pain

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Causes of lower back pain differ from an individual to another. Some individuals experience acute pain, which lasts for a few weeks, while others have chronic pain that exceeds three months. Surprisingly, you can get rid of acute pain by observing some remedies.

10 causes of lower back pain

This condition can affect both teens, middle, and aged people. The major causes of lower back pain include;

1. Bulging or rupturing of discs

The spine is made of vertebra that are cushioned by discs. These discs contain soft materials that can bulge and press nerves leading to lower back pain.

Causes of lower back pain
Bulging of discs cause lower back pain

Bulging or rupturing of discs may cause little or extreme pain to some individuals. Besides, people with spine X-rays are likely to suffer from disc diseases, which cause lower back pains.

2. Spinal stenosis causes lower back pain

Spinal stenosis is one of the causes of lower back pain that are common in people above 60 years. This condition makes the spinal canal narrow, adding pressure to the spine and nerves hence causing lower back pain. Furthermore, the pressure caused may make a person feel numb and weak when standing or walking.

3. Sciatica condition leads to lower back pain

This condition occurs when the herniated disc presses the sciatic nerve that connects the spine to the legs. For this reason, burning and needle-like pain are caused in the legs and feet. People with this condition may experience more pain in the legs than in the back.

Sciatica condition causes lower back pain
Sciatica condition causes lower back pain

Some people recover after a few months, while others take much longer. Doing regular exercises may help you improve quickly from sciatica condition.

4. Spondylosis disorder

This disorder is among the causes of lower back pain that interferes with the structure of the spinal cord and its functions. During the ageing process, the ligaments, bones, and discs in the spine become weak, causing pain in the lower back to some people.

Also, spondylosis involves the thinning of the spine and the narrowing of the spaces between vertebrae that is common in aged people. You can reduce this disorder by maintaining strong pelvic and strong muscles by exercising regularly.

5. Lack of exercises

Persons who do not exercise may have stiff spines and weak muscles that cause lower back pain. Additionally, people who exercise regularly experience less back pains than those who do not. Therefore, it is advisable to do regular exercises to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

6. Muscle strains

An accident or a severe physical injury can cause lower back pain. Also, overworking may lead to stretching of the body muscles and ligaments, causing back pain.

Excessive activity may lead to stiffness and muscle spasms that cause lower back pain. Manage muscle strains by having enough rest and doing some physical therapy such as massage.

7. Abnormal spinal curvatures

Conditions such as lordosis, scoliosis, and kyphosis cause abnormalities to the spine, especially to middle and aged people. The conditions exert pressure on the muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, and tendons, causing lower back pain.

8. Cancer of the spinal cord

When an individual develops spine cancer, he/she is likely to have lower back pains. The spinal tumour presses the spinal nerves thus causing back pain.

9. Fibromyalgia condition

This condition is among the causes of lower back pain. Fibromyalgia causes pain in the muscles, joints, and tendons for a long period that result in lower back pain.

10. Kidney and bladder problems

People suffering from kidney and bladder infections are likely to experience lower back pains. Besides, those with pelvic inflammatory infections and kidney stones experience back pain often.

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Some causes of lower back pain are manageable. Moreover, doing regular exercises may help control the development of back pain. Seek medical attention if the pain persist.

Causes of lower back pain



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