Jalang’o biography, age, family, education, career, ex-wife, current wife, children, salary, house, cars, and net worth

Jalang’o, aka, Mzee Jalang’o, alias, Jalas, is a Kenyan comedian who has proved that one can make it in life despite what. He is also an event MC, producer, TV host, and an actor, who has featured in local films. Besides, his unique way of dressing in adverts; leopard print shirt and a green suit, has made his fans want to know even more about him. See Jalang’o biography below.

Jalang’o biography SRC: @Bizna Kenya
Jalang’o, aka, Mzee Jalas SRC: @Bizna Kenya

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Jalas started his work as a radio presenter at Kiss 100 in the late 2008. Since then, he has worked in various stations such as Radio Maisha, Radio Milele, and HOT 96.

Facts about Mzee Jalas

The Kenyan comedian became famous after his role at Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula film. Here is Jalang’o biography, age, family, education, career, ex-wife, current wife, children, salary, house, cars, and net worth.

Jalang’o biography SRC: @Daily Active
Jalang’o, one of the best radio presenters in Kenya SRC: @Daily Active

Mzee Jalas profile

Jalang’o real name:                            Felix Odiwuor Kodhe

Date of birth:                                       April 27

Place of birth:                                      Homabay, Kenya

Gender:                                                Male

Jalang’o tribe:                                      Luo

Jalang’o parents:                                 Names not known

Nationality:                                           Kenyan

Siblings:                                                5

Status:                                                    Married

Children:                                                2

Occupation:                                           Radio presenter

Instagram account:                              @jalangoo

Facebook account:                                Jalango Mwenyewe

Jalang’o biography

The Kenyan radio presenter was born as Felix Odiwuor Kodhe in Homabay, Kenya. He was raised in a humble background where getting three meals a day was referred as luxury. Unfortunately, Jalang’o’s father died the same day Jalas got an appointment letter for his new job.

Jalang’o biography SRC: @Nairobi News - Nation
Jalang’o the comedian SRC: @Nairobi News – Nation

Jalang’o age

How old is Jalas? The commonly asked question is now answered. Mzee Jalas was born in 1983. He is 38 years as of 2021. Jalang’o’s birthday is on April 27.

Jalang’o family

The celebrated radio presenter is from a big family. His mother gave birth to three sons and three daughters. Before his dad died, he left him a note to build his mother a good house as well as take care of his other siblings.

Jalang'o biography SRC: @Kisii 100
Jalas hugging his mother SRC: @Kiss 100

Interestingly, Jalas has fulfilled his father’s wish and is now living a peaceful man. However, more information about Jalang’o brothers and sisters is yet to be known.

The radio presenter, Mzee Jalas education history

Jalang’o biography is a story that has inspired many. After attaining 427 marks out of 500 from Homa Bay Lake primary school, he was called to join Maseno School. His father struggled to raise money for his uniforms and school fees that he had to call for harambee fundraising from friends and relatives. After getting all the intended money, Felix and his father set their journey, walking for kilometers from Homabay to Maseno. Upon arrival at Maseno, they found that Felix’s position had been taken by another student as they arrived a week later from the due date.

Feeling disappointed, Felix in his full school uniform stood there, holding his metallic box not knowing what to do next. The two then decided to go back and try some luck in the local schools around their village. Lucky enough, he found himself a chance at Bar Kanyango Secondary in Siaya County. However, he was forced to wear Maseno uniforms, as there was no money to purchase new ones.

After school fees became a challenge, he transferred to Nyang’oma Secondary where his elder brother was studying. His father really struggled to raise the school fees for the two that Jalang’o’s brother George had to drop out. Felix worked hard despite the embarrassment he felt whenever his dad supplied maize, beans or firewood to school as a compensation for his fees. At the end, he managed to score a C plus at his final exams.

Jalang'o biography SRC: @Kisii 100
Jalas after his breakthrough SRC: @Kisii 100

However, the idea of him joining university never came true as his father had no money. It is for this reason that Felix started selling fish just to make his few coins. Know how he made it to the university below.

More about Jalang’o biography, his career

Felix first started selling fish at Homa Bay County after which he joined Capital Fish Company Limited as a fishmonger. Later, he travelled to Nairobi and stayed with his uncle in Posh Lavington Estate. He then moved to his other uncle at Embakasi slums, where he ventured into art, his childhood dream. However, life was very hard that he used to go for ‘mjengo’ to help his uncle bring food to the table.

Jalang'o biography SRC: @Concept World Infinity, @Hivisasa
The comedian when he was selling fish and after he found his breakthrough SRC: @Concept World Infinity, @Hivisasa

Also, he continued attending auditions at Kenya National Theatre that one day he got a chance and joined a set performing theatre group. He then acted minor characters for three years, without getting a single chance to perform any main character. One day he took advantage of one missing character and performed his main character in the Swahili set book, ‘Mwisho Wa Kosa’, which gave him recognition from both teachers and students.

With much experience, Jalang’o started doing vernacular plays in the Kenya National Theatre where many people including Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o could come and watch. Besides, he did his first film, ‘Kibrit Olwar Epii’ that became a talk among the Luos. Later, he joined Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula film, which became his breakthrough.

Jalang'o biography SRC: @Daily Advent
Jalas while presenting on Radio SRC: @Daily Advent

While acting, he applied for a job at Kiss 100 as a radio presenter despite it requiring one to be a degree holder. Miraculously, he beat his degree holder competitors and secured himself a job as a radio presenter co-hosting alongside Caroline Mutoko. It is in the same day he got his appointment letter that his father died. What a tragedy!

Jalang'o during his graduation SRC: @News365 Kenya
Jalang’o during his graduation SRC: @News365 Kenya

Since then, Jalang’o has worked in different radio stations such as Radio Maisha and HOT 96. He also fulfilled his father’s wish by building his mother a good house. Besides, he enrolled at the Daystar University and pursued a degree in community development. Do you know that he is now one of the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya?

Jalang’o ex-wife

Did Jalang’o divorce? The radio presenter married a media personality, Chekoiyet Boiyo. After staying together for a few years, they parted ways due to unknown reasons. However, they are blessed with a daughter named Salika.

Felix with his ex-wife Chekoiyet Boiyo SRC: @Nairobi Wire
Felix with his ex-wife Chekoiyet Boiyo SRC: @Nairobi Wire

The emcee, Jalas new wife

After the divorce, Jalas found his new love. He then tied a knot with his Taita bae, Amina Chao, in a private wedding on October 2019. The two are happily married and have a daughter by the name Amani. However, there are rumors that Amina might have walked out of her marriage.

Jalas with his new wife SRC: @Nairobi Wire
Jalas with his new wife SRC: @Nairobi Wire

The radio presenter, Jalang’o children

Jalas is a proud father of two daughters. His first wife Chekoiyet gave birth to Salika, while his second gave birth to Amina.

Jalang'o with one of his daughters SRC: @Mpasho
Jalang’o with one of his daughters SRC: @Mpasho

Mzee Jalang’o salary

The media personality is among the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya. After leaving Milele FM where he was co-hosting alongside Alex Mwakideu a breakfast show, Alex na Jalas, he secured himself a job at Kiss 100. It is said that he pockets a six-figure salary at the end of every month. Besides, he charges around Ksh. 200,000 as an event MC. However, he has never disclosed the exact amount he makes every month.

Jalas with his friend Alex Mwakideu while working at Milele FM SRC: @Switch TV
Jalas with his friend Alex Mwakideu while working at Milele FM SRC: @Switch TV

Jalang’o house

Jalas owns a luxurious mansion in Nairobi that is estimated to millions of money.   His other palatial mansion in Siaya is worth millions. Moreover, the house he built for his mother in his home village is also amounting to millions.

Jalas's palatial home in Nairobi SRC: @YouTube
Jalas’s palatial home in Nairobi SRC: @YouTube
His other house in Siaya County SRC: @Omr
His other house in Siaya County SRC: @Omr

Jalang’o cars

Mzee Jalas is driving some of the most expensive cars in Kenya. His car collection includes Toyota Land Cruiser V8, BMW X6, and Bentley. Furthermore, his 40 million Mercedes Maybach has indeed raised peoples’ eyebrows.

Felix and his friend standing outside his V8 Machine SRC: @Bebuzee
Felix and his friend standing outside his V8 Machine SRC: @Bebuzee
Jalas in his Mercedes Benz car SRC: @Uzalendo News
Jalas in his Mercedes Benz car SRC: @Uzalendo News
Felix standing outside his Range Rover car SRC: @Postamate
Felix standing outside his Range Rover car SRC: @Postamate
His other car SRC: @Ghafla, @Kenyan News
His other car SRC: @Ghafla, @Kenyan News

Jalang’o net worth

Apart from comedy, Jalas has other sources of income. He has won himself endorsements with big companies such as Velvex that have paid him well. Also, he is running the Jalang’o TV YouTube channel that has a huge number of subscribers. Besides, he is the CEO of Arena Media. His net worth is estimated at $1 – $5 million as of 2021.

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