Top flashy cars owned by Akothee

Akothee, aka Madam Boss, is a Kenyan female musician who has released several single songs. She has also done collabo hit songs with high profile artists such as Flavor and Diamond Platinumz. Besides earning from the music industry, Madam Boss is also a business lady with many investments. Are you aware of the flashy cars owned by Akothee?  

Flashy cars owned by Akothee
One of the flashy cars owned by Akothee

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Akothee’s properties, including mansions, cars, and resorts, are worth millions of money. Moreover, her net worth is estimated to Ksh. 6.2 billion, making her the richest female musician in Kenya and East Africa.

10 flashy cars owned by Akothee

Akothee net worth is evident enough of how rich she is. Here are some of Akothee’s cars that you did not know.

1. Audi Limousine

A limo is an expensive machine that is affordable to only a few people in Kenya. Being among the few, Madam Boss owns a white Limo made from German by Audi. The expensive Limousine is bearing her name ‘ Madam Boss’ as the number plate.    

Flashy cars owned by Akothee
Akothee’s Audi Limousine
Madam Boss's Audi Limousine
Madam Boss’s Audi Limousine

2. Ferrari Spiderh

Ferrari Spiderhs are among the most expensive cars in the world. Privileged to have one, Madam Boss’s fleet car has a red exterior and a black leather interior.

Flashy cars owned by Akothee
Akothee’ Ferrari Spiderh car

3. Mercedez Benz AMG SL63

Being one of the fastest cars globally, Akothee’s expensive convertible Roadster has raised many eyebrows. The luxurious car is said to be costing about Ksh. 20 million. It runs at a speed of 217 mph and can be accelerated from 0-60 mph in three seconds.

Flashy cars owned by Akothee
Akothee’s Mercedez Benz AMG SL63 car
Mercedez Benz AMG SL63
Madam Boss’s Mercedez Benz AMG SL63

4. Rolls Royce Phantom

Phathom is one of the flashy cars owned by Akothee. The car is from Rolls Royce, and it runs at a very high speed compared to most cars. Moreover, Akothee’s Phantom car bears ‘Madam Boss’ as the number plate.

Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Phantom

5. Range Rover Overfinch

Range Rover Overfinch is among the deluxe cars in Akothee’s compound. It costs more than Ksh. 10 million and has a 3.8 litre V8 diesel engine. Besides, it has other features, such as airbags and electronic crash prevention aids.

Range Rover Overfinch
Akothee, her kids and their Range Rover Overfinch

6. Toyota Prado

When talking of classy cars in Kenya, Toyota Prados cannot be left out. Madam Boss owns a black Toyota Prado with a 5 litre V8 engine. The car also has top design leather seats that give it a unique look.

Akothee's black Toyota Prado
Akothee’s black Toyota Prado

7. Toyota Land Cruiser

Land cruiser is a common car among Kenyan politicians. It costs around Ksh. 15 million and has many features. Furthermore, Akothee’s Toyota Land Cruiser has a gas hog.

Madam Boss's Toyota Land Cruiser
Madam Boss’s Toyota Land Cruiser

8. Sleek Audi Car

Madam Boss also owns a Sleek Audi Car made in Germany. The car has other unique features besides running at a very high speed.

Sleek Audi Car
Sleek Audi Car

9. Toyota Hilux

Hilux is also one of the cars in Akothee’s compound. The car costs around Ksh. 5 million. She bought her black Toyota Hilux in 2015.

Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux

10. Tour Land Cruiser

Being a business lady, Akothee has Tour Land Cruisers that are used for international and domestic tourists.

Tour Land Cruiser
Tour Land Cruiser
Some of Akothee's Tour Land Cruisers
Some of Akothee’s Tour Land Cruisers

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You are now aware of the flashy cars owned by Akothee. Follow our daily articles and know more stories that are interesting.



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