11 anger management tips to help you calm down

Anger is a normal human emotion that every person experiences from time to time. This feeling may cause aggression and outbursts that can break your relationship with friends and family members. However, if managed well, anger can cause a positive effect at your workplace or home. Experts have now come up with anger management tips to help you handle issues correctly.

Anger management tips
A couple in an argument

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Sometimes uncontrolled anger may cause destruction and regrets in life but knowing how to manage it may save you from all problematic situations.

11 anger management tips you did not know

Have you been wondering how you can control your anger? Here are the tips to guide you to understand more.

1. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is one of the anger management tips that can help you calm down. Taking several deep breaths slowly from the diaphragm will help you let go of your anger. However, ensure that your deep breathing is from the diaphragm because a breath from the chest may not relax you.

Taking a deep breath
Taking a deep breath

2. Look for a solution

Sometimes our tempers may make us lose patience and engage in a physical fight, which may cause more problems. While in an unhealthy argument, try to find a suitable solution rather than fighting to win. Handle any issue with good intentions, even if you do not get an answer immediately.

3. Play some music

Music is one of the ways that may carry away your tempers and bring you back to your normal moods. Play your favourite music on your headphones and sashay your anger after some time.

4. Repeat a mantra

According to psychologists, repeating calm words or phrases such as ‘take it easy,’ ‘relax,’ and ‘you will be okay’ while breathing may help you calm down. Speak any of the words repeatedly and do away with your anger.

5. Stop talking for a while

When angry, you may find yourself throwing harsh words that can worsen the situation than it is already. Always learn to be silent and pretend as if your lips have nothing to utter. Through this, you will find time to gather your thoughts and get a perfect solution.

6. Set a timer

Most people tend to respond so quickly when angry but end up regretting later. Remember that the first thing that comes to your mind when angry is likely to be wrong. Always set time to weigh your options before responding to anything.

7. Take some time alone

Taking a timeout is among the anger management tips that are very helpful. Sitting alone in a quiet place may enable you to calm down, process events and make the right decisions.

8. Practice empathy

Always be in someone’s shoes before starting an argument. This will help you see and understand things from their side. By doing this, you will also become less angry and manage the situation well.

9. Stretch your muscles

Nonstrenuous slow yoga exercises are among the best anger management tips. Doing movements such as neck rolls and shoulder rolls may relax your muscles and calm you down.

10. Manage your thoughts

Do you know that bad thoughts are likely to fuel your anger and cause more harm? Managing thoughts and avoiding harsh phrases such as, ‘I hate you’ and replacing them with ‘I will think about it’ may solve the problem. Always remember that every word you say when angry counts a lot.

11. Talk to a friend

As the saying states that, a problem shared is half solved, so it is to this. Keeping a problem with oneself may not give you a perfect solution. Besides, sharing with your innermost friend on what made you angry may make you see things from a different perspective.

Sharing personal issues with innermost friend
Sharing personal issues with innermost friend

Why do I get so angry so fast?

Some people tend to get angry fast because of what they are undergoing through every day. For instance, those handling serious personal problems such as relationship or workplace issues may be more aggressive.

What are the signs of anger issues?

Some of the signs and emotional symptoms of anger issues include stress, guilt, rage, anxiety, frustration, irritability, and feeling overwhelmed.

Can anger be controlled?

Controlling anger may be challenging, but knowing how to express your anger may help. Always express yourself in a better way without using abusive language or engaging in a physical fight.

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The above are anger management tips. When angry, apply any of them and get to manage your tempers. If none works for you, then see a mental health specialist.



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