8 types of love you should know now

Love is the best thing that can drive one to explore more in an imaginative world. Most people talk of love, not knowing that the Ancient Greeks, such as Plato and Aristotle, also had their views about it. For this reason, some people confuse the connection that binds them with their fellows. Various types of love are here to guide you.

Types of love
Expressing love

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Finding love is an assurance of peace, even in the worst moments. Unfortunately, some people fall in love without knowing the personal opinions of their partners.  Far from it, one can express love in different ways, including giving out gifts such as chocolates and flowers.

Relationships, love, and a love catalyst

Love comes with new experiences making relationships unique and sometimes far from individual expectations. Luckily, there are several catalysts to refresh the idea of love even after the worst heartbreak.

A love catalyst is a driving force that triggers an individual towards a given type of love. For this reason, different catalysts result in different kinds of love that determine the kind of relationships among people.

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8 Different types of love

Here are different types of love with their scientific names that you need to know.

1. Mania – Mad love

Mania love is common among people in the world today. The leading cause of Mania is the imbalance of love between partners. This type of love is characterized by madness, extreme jealousy, and possessiveness called codependency.

Types of love
Mania love

Mania catalyst is a survival instinct that drives one towards possessing and obsessively looking for attention from their partners. This type of love is dangerous since one partner may be very desperate for love to the point of attempting suicide. Avoid Mania by:

  • Trusting your partner
  • Loving but do not ignoring self-love
  • Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes
  • Understanding your partner and set limits to avoid hurting him/her

2. Eros – Romantic love

Eros is among the different types of love that involve physical affection.  This passionate love includes having the outer and inner desires of a partner. If you engage in real Eros love, one may confuse it with Mania love because of the affections you show your lover. In this romantic love, the partners are not restricted from hugging and kissing.

Types of love
Eros love

Eros has a hormonal catalyst that awakens the body towards engaging in romantic behaviors with their lovers. The typical romantic behaviors are holding hands, pecking, and hugging. Some of the characteristics of Eros are;

  • Physical touch like hugging
  • Romantic behaviors such as kissing
  • Physical admiration of your partner’s body

3. Philautia – loving oneself

Self-love may be healthy or unhealthy, depending on one’s behavior. In healthy self-love, one has self-esteem, good for recognition, and acceptance.  Besides, one is responsible for attaining basic needs and understanding the reason of loving oneself. Self-love makes one resilient, thus finding it more comfortable to love and forgive others.

Types of love
Philautia love

On the other hand, unhealthy self-love involves low self-esteem that may lead to destruction, conflict, and enmity.

Philautia catalyst is the soul that enables one to focus on attaining physical needs, along with mental and emotional health. Notable characteristics of this type of love include;

  • Caring for oneself
  • Staying in a peaceful environment
  • Enjoying with friends who encourage you

4. Philia – love with affections

According to the Ancient Philosophers Aristotle and Plato, true friendship depends on the goodwill and shared interests. Philia is among the different types of love that do not involve romantic attractions to others. This type of love occurs between people who value and respect each other. Mostly, this brotherly love is for family people, close friends, and relatives.

Philia love

Philia catalyst is the mind that weighs friends of value whom you can trust and care for. This love needs one to;

  • Be honest
  • Create time for real friends
  • Support his/her treasured ones during difficulties

5. Storge – familial love

Studies show that storge is among the types of love that connect parents and children.  Familial love is widespread since parents easily connect with their children emotionally. This love depend not on personal qualities but on emotional attachment.

Storge love

Storge catalyst is sweet memories that create stronger bonds, thus keeping a long-time relationship with parents, children, and close friends. Show storge by;

  • Being honest
  • Truly forgiving any wrong deed
  • Creating time for family and close friends

6. Pragma – Everlasting love

Everlasting love results from total commitment among involved parties. For instance, if the two are not married, Pragma needs them to put effort into their relationships that may lead to successful marriages. This type of love is more than falling in love and having sexual attractions for each other.

Pragma love

Pragma catalyst is the sub consciousness that drives one to the other, which leads to a serious relationship. The attributes of Pragma are;

  • Showing efforts to your partner
  • Understanding your lover better
  • Staying truthful with a partner for a stronger relationship

7. Ludus – uncommitted love

This type of love is common in the earlier stages of a relationship. Ludus involves playfulness, seducing, having fun, dancing, flirting and conjugating. Most people, especially teens, get hurt because they attach themselves emotionally to others, assuming they got similar feelings. This love is dangerous when an individual assumes to be in a serious relationship without inquiring from the other.

Ludus love

Ludus catalyst is an emotion that gets one excited towards having a relationship with people they like. This love is shown by;

  • Spending time with each other laughing
  • Practicing child behaviors such as playing
  • Engaging in long flirting conversations

8. Agape – Universal love

This love is the most common among other types of love. Agape includes sharing out with others without expecting anything in return. Universal love needs one to show love and stay kind to others at all times. Besides, Agape love reaches beyond the circle of friendship to include unfamiliar persons.

Agape love

Agape catalyst is the spirit that motives you to love and cherish other people, demonstrating the following;

  • Creating time to those in need
  • Helping those in need
  • Improving the lives of others
  • Counseling those under stress

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The different types of love are a guide towards understanding the true meaning of love. Always know what the other person wants before you engage in a relationship. In the end, getting the right partner is the best thing in life.



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