15 types of hugs and their meanings that will surprise you

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International hugging day was created by Kevin Zaborney and is celebrated on 21st January every year. Hugs express inner emotions a person has towards another. People hug every day, but most of them do not know that there are different hugs with different meanings. Some hugs are meant for lovers to show the connection between them, while others are meant for family members and friends. We now have the types of hugs and their meanings to help you understand the hug you need to give each time.

Types of hugs
A tight hug is enough to make your partner happy

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Receiving a tight hug from your special person, especially in the morning, can brighten your day. According to experts, hugs are healthy, and a person is supposed to receive 3 to 5 a day. Besides, hugs can reduce stress and anxiety in a person.

15 types of hugs and their meanings

Hugs express a lot of information than words can explain. The following types of hugs will help you understand the kind of hug you are supposed to give to every person.

1. Eye to eye hug – a deep connection

This is among the types of hugs that express love. Also known as an intimate hug, eye to eye hug is common among lovers, even thou some can hug their friends or parents this way. This hug shows deep connection and care.

Types of hugs
Eye to eye hug

Besides, having strong eye contact with a person you love will allow you to read their souls. Hug your partner today and get to read their souls more.

2. The bear hug – show protection

This hug involves wrapping arms around another person and can be from the front or the back. A bear hug is a sign of protecting those we love. This hug is perfect when one person is bigger than the other. The hug is common in parents to their children even thou some men prefer hugging their women this way.

Types of hugs
Bear hug

A bear hug is also popular is sports, especially to rugby players who hug their opponents to immobilize them. If you have been keen, you can agree that this hug is also common in lovers.

3. The tight hug/squeeze hug – the person likes you

Do you know that most women like receiving this type of hug from their men? Tight hugs make people feel loved and protected. Besides, most men love squeezing their women into themselves to express their feelings even thou women can also hug their men this way.

Tight hug

Squeeze hug may make one think that it is the last time you see them. If you are a man and you have not tried this hug on your woman, then this is the right time to try.

4. The side hug/ buddy hug – friendship

This is a common hug among close friends. The side hug takes place between two people standing or sitting next to each other. This hug is not such tight, but it makes one feel loved. A side hug is a sign of friendship between two people and the good mood they have for each other.

Types of hugs
Side hug

Most people use this hug when posing for photos. If a person hugs you from the side, it does not necessarily mean he/she has inner feelings for you. Wait until they express themselves for you to be sure. 

5. The London Bridge hug – no deep connections

This hug is among the types of hugs that are not pleasing. London Bridge hug involves hugging from a distance where the upper parts of the body touch each other, and the lower ones do not. This polite hug shows that one does not want to have any deeper bond with the other person.

Types of hugs
London bridge hug

If you have been keen enough, you can admit that most politicians and diplomats hug this way in public.

6. The back hug/ naughty hug – deep feelings

Do you love back, hugs? Not everyone likes this type of hug, but those who do enjoy it all the time. Some refer it as a naughty hug because the person receiving the hug does not see the hugger.

Back hug
Back hug

Getting a hug from behind feels comfortable and it relaxes a person’s mind. Most women can agree that receiving a back hug from their men, especially when cooking feels great.

7. The hug around the waist – enjoy spending time together

This intimate gesture shows that a person enjoys spending every second with you and is popular in both long-term and short-term relationships. If he hugs you around the waist while kissing you at the neck or keeping strong eye contact, then you can tell what he feels for you.

Hug around the waist
Hug around the waist

Get to understand his body language well since some say that men who love waist hugs easily fail in and out of relationships.

8. The straddle hug – sexual tension

This romantic hug is meant for special ones only. Straddle hugs show trust and a good physical connection between two people who are in love. Women like hugging their men this way to express their inner feelings.

Straddle hug
Straddle hug

This hug is a sign of love and sexual tension, although women should be careful to differentiate between love and lust.

9. The quick hug – no inner feelings attached

Many people think that a quick hug means that the other person is not interested in hugging them, but they are wrong. A quick hug has no romantic connotations, and it does not imply rudeness, as many think.

Sometimes a person may be late for a meeting or a function and has to give you a quick hug before they leave. Note that some people feel weird when hugging even thou they have to do it quickly to satisfy you.

10. The pickpocket hug – a strong physical connection

As its name suggests, this hug involves hugging and putting hands in the back pockets of each other. The hug is specifically for lovers since it includes touching the ass of another person.

Pickpocket hug
Pickpocket hug

A pickpocket hug is a sign of a strong physical connection and shows that one is comfortable being with you. Express love and affection to your partner by hugging them always.

11. Slow dance hug – love and affection

This is among the types of hugs common at weddings. It involves dancing where one partner lays hands on the neck of the other while the other partner holds the waist of another.

Slow dance hug
Slow dance hug

The partners keep eye contact, enjoy talks, and share smiles as they dance slowly. Try this hug and let your partner melt in your arms.

12. Self-hug – self-love

Do you know that hugging does not have to involve two people? Sounds funny but hugging yourself when there is nobody around to hug you is healthy.

Self love hug
Self love hug

Self-love can comfort you whenever you feel low and help you relax as well. Enjoy hugging yourself anytime you feel down or lonely since self-love is also vital.

13. The cuddle hug – strong love and affection

This type of love is for lovers since it involves kissing and cuddling. Cuddle hugs can make your partner feel special and loved. Furthermore, this long hug may be preceded by soft, tender words, expressing how much one adores the other partner. Hug your special person and let them know how much you love them.

Cuddle hug
Cuddle hug

14. The catcher hug – strong feelings for each other

This romantic hug is for lovers where a man stands as a woman runs and jumps to him, wrapping her legs around his waist as they hug. Catcher hug is a sign of strong feelings and attachment between lovers. Enjoy this type of hug and drive your man to the moon.

Catcher hug
Catcher hug

15. The ragdoll hug – one-sided relationship

This hug involves hugging a person who does not hug back. Some people call it a one-sided relationship since only one person is interested in the hug. Ragdoll hug is a sign that the other person less cares and is not unto you as you are to them. Control your emotions whenever you notice this and avoid being heartbroken.

Ragdoll hug
Ragdoll hug

What types of hugs do guys like?

Every one desires to receive a good hug from their lovers. A perfect hug especially in the morning can relax your mind and even brighten your day. Most guys like light squeeze hug and waist hug.

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Practicing the above different types of hugs with your partner will keep them calm and relaxed. Try hugging your lover, friends, and family members now and make them happy.



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