5 little known facts about Chris Embarambamba

Chris Embarambamba is a Kenyan gospel singer who has attracted a good number of fans. He started his music career over a decade ago, and has turned out to be one of the most celebrated musicians in Gusii land. Here are facts about Chris Embarambamba you may have not known about him.

facts about Chris Embarambamba SRC: @K24tv.co.ke
Chris Embarambamba, one of the gospel singers in Kenya SRC: @K24tv.co.ke

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Before joining the music industry, Chris was a small-scale farmer. During one of the interviews, the singer disclosed that he was raised in a very humble background.

Facts about Chris Embarambamba

1. His real name is Christopher Nyagwara Mosioma

The famously known Embarambamba was born as Christopher Nyagwara Mosioma in Keroka, Nyamira County. He has also nicknamed himself as Embaragwasinga.

Embarambamba, aka, Embaragwasinga SRC: @Facebook
Embarambamba, aka, Embaragwasinga SRC: @Facebook

What is Embarambamba age? The talented dancer was born on February 1, 1988, thus 34 years as of 2022.

2. He is a class eight dropout

The gospel singer is a former pupil Kierira DoK primary school, situated in Rigoma Division, Kitutu Masaba Constituency. After sitting for his KCPE exams, Chris did not join secondary as his father who was the breadwinner of the family passed on. This forced him to drop out of school and help his mother put food on the table.

3. He was once a secular singer

Before joining gospel industry fully, Chris was a secular singer. He used to perform with Mr. Ong’eng’o, who helped him nurture his talent. However, years later Embarambamba decided to venture into gospel music, which greatly contributed to his breakthrough.

4. He is a family man

Is Embarambamba married? The longtime asked question is now answered after the singer shared photos of his wife on his social media platforms. Despite not disclosing her name, Embarambamba wife’s beauty has left many talking.

The singer pausing for a photo with his lovely wife SRC: @Venas News
The singer pausing for a photo with his lovely wife SRC: @Venas News

5. Embarambamba children

The gospel singer and his wife are blessed with five lovely children. During his interview with Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan, he revealed that his children fear him so much.

Embarambamba with one of his daughters SRC: @Elite Zone
Embarambamba with one of his daughters SRC: @Elite Zone

It is after this that some of his fans claimed that Embarambamba’s firstborn daughter resembles him.

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You are aware of the top facts about Chris Embarambamba. Follow us daily and know new stories including Embarambamba biography, net worth and more.



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