10 surprising health benefits of apple fruits to your body

Fruits and vegetables are some of the common foods that we should include in our daily diet. This is because they play several health benefits to our bodies. Apples being one of the fruits have also shown the ability to help the body in different ways. Below are the health benefits of apple fruits you need to know.

Health benefits of apple fruits SRC: @Your Connection to Wildlife
A lady picking apples from apple trees SRC: @Your Connection to Wildlife

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Apples are some of the common fruits in the United States. Besides, the sweet and crunchy fruits have proved themselves worthy to be eaten often.

Health benefits of apple fruits

Different varieties of apples play different roles in the body. For instance, the green apples are rich in flavonoids, which lower the risk of asthma.  Other health benefits of apple fruits are;

1. Prevents premature aging

Apples especially the green ones contain antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Phenol that prevents premature aging. The Vitamin A as well play a role in maintaining good vision. Besides, Vitamin C in the green apples protects the skin cells from free radicals, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Health benefits of apple fruits SRC: @Gardening Know How
Green Apples SRC: @Gardening Know How

2. Apples help in digestion

When talking of foods rich in fiber, apples cannot be left out. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibers that help the body in many ways. The soluble fibers in apples help slow down digestion, making one feel full as well slow digestion of glucose, thus controlling body sugars. Moreover, the insoluble fibers in these fruits help in moving the food through the body system.

3. They aid in weight loss

If you are struggling with losing weight, then including apples in your diet may pay you well.  In a certain study, people who took apple slices before their meals consumed less calories than those who did not. This is because apples are rich in fiber, which makes one feel full for long hours before craving to eat again. Besides, the natural compounds in these fruits also play a role in weight loss.

Health benefits of apple fruits SRC: @Erin
Green and Red apple slices SRC: @Erin

4. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

A number of studies have indicated that eating apples may reduce the risk of diabetes. This is because apples contain the polyphenol antioxidant, which prevent tissue damage to beta cells in the pancreas.

Also, the beta cells produce insulin sugars in the body which are damaged in people with type 2 diabetes.  According to a 2011 review, diabetic people who follow a high fiber diet lower their blood levels to almost normal.

5. Promotes heart health

Studies indicate that high soluble fiber intake helps slow the buildup of cholesterol-rich plaque in the arteries. The apple skins also contain phenolic compound that prevents the cholesterol in one’s body from solidifying in the artery walls.

Green and red apples SRC: @High Five Literacy
Green and red apples SRC: @High Five Literacy

Moreover, the potassium in the apples helps relax the blood vessels, thus managing blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular complications. 

6. Play a role in bone health

Apples contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the bones. In a certain study, women who included apples in their meals lost less calcium than those who did not. Therefore, eating apples minimizes the amount of calcium loss from the body, thus promoting bone density and strength.

7. Boosts brain health

Apple juice is vital to the body as it prevents the decline of neurotransmitters involved in memory.  A research conducted on rats showed that elderly rats who took apples restored their memory to the level of the younger rats.

Apples and apple juice SRC: @Rohini's Food Products
Apples and apple juice SRC: @Rohini’s Food Products

In another research, people who consumed apples so often had better cognitive function compared to those who ate processed foods. However, more research on humans is still needed.

8. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

These fruits especially the red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin that improves a person’s neurological health. A research on the rats showed that the quercetin in apples helps protect the brain cells from degeneration.

The red apples SRC: @The Verge
The red apples SRC: @The Verge

9. Helps fight cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute in the United States, intake of high fiber foods may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Besides, the flavonol-rich apples help reduce the risk of having pancreatic juice up to 23%. Also, a certain research on rats indicated that apple extracts could lower the size and number of mammary tumors.

Apple extract SRC: @The Spice Rack
Apple extract SRC: @The Spice Rack

10. Helps boost the immune system

Apples lie in the fruits and vegetables family that are rich in Vitamin C. These vitamins play a great role in protecting the body against diseases, thus keeping the body healthy.

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The above are the health benefits of apple fruits. Including them in your daily meals may do you a great deal. REMEMBER THE SAYING, AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY.


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