Dorice Donya Toto Biography: Kisii County Woman Rep Age, Husband, Career and Children

Dorice Donya Toto Aburi is a prominent Kenyan politician and currently serving as the Kisii County Woman Representative. Before entering politics, she had a successful career as a radio presenter at Egesa FM, and the 2022 general elections marked a new chapter in her life. In this article, we bring you Dorice Donya Toto biography and her remarkable journey into politics.

Dorice Donya Toto Biography Kisii County Woman Rep Age, Husband, Career and Children
Dorice Donya Toto Biography Kisii County Woman Rep Age, Husband, Career and Children . SRC: @KenyanMoves

 Donya was born and raised in Ichuni Ward. It is quite likely that her father, who served as a former MCA played a crucial role in shaping her political journey.

Dorice Donya Toto Biography and profile summary

  • Full name: Dorice Donya Aburi
  • Age: About 43 years (2024)
  • Born: Ichuni Ward, Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Husband: Kaka Williams Atandi
  • Current: Kisii County Woman Representative
  • Children: Two
  • Father: Francis Aburi 
  • County: Kisii
  • Political party: Wiper                                                       

Educational background

According to her Facebook page, she attended Kaplong Girls High School and later pursued her studies at Mount Kenya University.

From 1998 to 2001, Donya attended Kaplong Girls High school and completed her KCSE in 2001.

Between 2002 and 2005, she enrolled at the Consolata Institute of Mass Communication, where she pursued and earned a Diploma in Mass Communication.

From 2018 to 2021, Donya Toto attended Mount Kenya University, culminating her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media.

This educational background likely contributed to her successful career as a radio presenter.

Dorice Aburi family, husband, father and children

Mrs Aburi was born to Francis Aburi in the late 80s and grew up in Ichuni Ward in Kisii County. 

Donya Toto is a married woman and is married to Kaka William Atandi who is also a veteran radio presenter.

The couple is blessed with two children and resides in Suneka within Bonchari Constituency.

Working with Egesa FM

Before venturing into politics, Donya Toto gained recognition as a radio presenter at Egesa FM, a vernacular radio station owned by Royal Media Services.

She began her career at Egesa FM in 2006, and her talent helped her rise through the ranks.

She was known by various monikers, including “Donya Doris Toto Bwaburi” and “Omongina Omongaini.”

Her colleagues at Egesa FM included notable names such as Petronila Getena, Sorobi Moturi Erastus, Nana Ediva, Chochoni, and Charles Onsakia.

Political career

Donya Toto’s political career began to take shape when she decided to leave her career as a journalist in 2017 to pursue a career in politics.

Her initial attempt to become the Woman Representative in the 2017 elections was unsuccessful, but she did not give up on her political aspirations.

In the 2022 general elections, Donya Toto successfully secured the position of Kisii County Woman Representative beating her close competitor and former Women Rep, Janet Ong’era

Additionally, in 2018, Donya Toto was appointed as a board member of the South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited, a senior government position.

This appointment allowed her to contribute her expertise and knowledge to the development and governance of the sugar industry in the region.

Donya Charity Mission – Mama County  

Beyond her political career, Donya Toto has displayed a strong commitment to charitable work.

She has launched the “DONYA CHARITY MISSION,” which is dedicated to helping the needy and less privileged in Kisii County.

This charity mission dubbed “MAMA County” has been instrumental in providing basic commodities like foodstuffs and clothing to those in need.

The charity also assists the jiggered with treatments.

Dorice Donya Toto biography gives more insight into her journey from journalism to politics and her dedication to charitable work that has made her a notable figure in Kisii County.

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