Professor George Wajackoyah wife and children

Professor George Wajackoyah wife was first spotted when she was accompanying her husband to the presidential debate held at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi. Since then, most people have been eager to know more about her.

George Wajackoyah wife  SRC: @Nairobi Wire, @Gotta News
George Wajackoyah with his wife SRC: @Nairobi Wire, @Gotta News

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During a TV interview, the Roots Party leader said that his wife resides in the United States of America while their three children live in the United Kingdom. What is Wajackoyah wife’s real name?

George Wajackoyah wife, Meller Luchiri

The Roots Party leader married his wife, Meller Lee Cheatham in the 1990s. The two have stayed together since then and are blessed with three children; one son and two daughters.

The Roots Party leader with wife  SRC: @Nairobi Wire, @Gotta News
The Roots Party leader with wife SRC: @Nairobi Wire, @Gotta News

Interestingly, the couple walked down the isle in January 4, 2020 at Family of Faith Christian Church in Phoenix Arizona. After taking vows, the two lovebirds proceeded to Paris for their honeymoon.

Wajackoyah’s wife later appreciated her husband with a heartfelt message on social media.

“This day, I married my best friend and confidant!n January 4, 2020. The best is yet to come,” Meller wrote.

George Wajackoyah children

Wajackoyah and his wife Miller Luchiri are proud parents of three children; firstborn son – Ty Luchiri, second born daughter – Marjorie Luchiri and third born kid – Marz Luchiri.

Wajackoyah's wife and children SRC: @Capital News
Wajackoyah’s wife and children SRC: @Capital News

Ty Luchiri, Wajackoyah’s firstborn child is married and blessed with one son whom he has named Jayden. His immediate follower, Marjorie Luchiri is also done with school.

While speaking to one of the media houses, Wajackoyah revealed that his lastborn child, Marz Luchiri was going to join the University of Cambridge for a medical degree course.

‘’Overnight flight to London. My sweet and lastborn baby gal has challenged my academic record as she awaits to join Cambridge for Medicine. Her dream of becoming a brain surgeon is real.’’

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Professor George Wajackoyah wife and children photos are still causing mixed reactions on social media. Follow us daily and know new stories as they come every time.



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