Why YouTube Terminated Andrew Kibe’s Channel with 159M Views

On September 11, 2023, the Kenyan media witnessed a major shakeup in Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel. Boasting nearly 500,000 subscribers, 159.5 million views, and over 3,000 videos, Kibe’s channel was abruptly terminated.

Andrew Kibe YouTube Channel
Andrew Kibe YouTube Channel. SRC: KenyanMoves

Kibe is a well-known media personality in Kenya famous for his controversial opinions and humorous punchlines. He has been a captivating and polarizing figure while crashing with a slew of Kenyan celebrities and some content creators.

Andrew Kibe’s Rise to Fame

Andrew Kibe’s journey began in the radio industry where he made a name for himself as a witty and outspoken radio presenter.

He first co-hosted the breakfast show at NRG Radio alongside Kamene Goro. Later, he moved to Kiss FM, where he continued to host the morning show with Goro.

In 2020, Kibe made a bold decision to quit his radio job at Kiss 100 and relocate to the United States.

This move allowed him to venture into content creation on YouTube, a platform that enabled him to share his unfiltered thoughts and opinions with a global audience.

Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel termination

The sudden termination of Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel has left many fans and followers bewildered.

YouTube in its statement cited a violation of its terms of service as the reason for the channel’s closure.

However, the exact nature of this violation has not been disclosed, leaving room for speculation and conjecture.

Kibe has however not openly discussed the termination of his YouTube account. Instead, he took to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and seemed to downplay the incident as a minor hiccup in his creative journey.

“Sign up there and start uploading your content. We are the content cartel! Meanwhile, catch me tonight same time here on X, Rumble, Instagram and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,” 

Kibe tweeted

This cryptic response has only added to the mystery surrounding his channel’s termination.

Andrew Kibe on Yafreeka

Despite the setback, Kibe revealed that he would be shifting his content to a new platform called Yafreeka.

This move indicates his determination to continue entertaining and engaging with his audience, albeit on a different platform.

Additionally, Kibe intends to maintain his presence on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Rumble, and X.

Andrew Kibe net worth and salary

While Andrew Kibe’s exact earnings from his YouTube channel and other activities remain undisclosed, his net worth is estimated at a staggering 50 million Kenyan shillings.

During his radio career, he reportedly earned between 100,000 to 200,000 Kenyan Shillings.

His recent acquisition of a Mercedes Benz S550 worth Sh13 million has become a talking point, with Kibe often flaunting it in response to claims that he is financially struggling.

The termination of Andrew Kibe YouTube channel, with its massive following and viewership, sparked curiosity within the Kenyan media and his followers.

Kibe’s move to the Yafreeka platform and continued presence on other social media platforms show his determination to stay connected with his audience.

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