Arap Marindich biography, age, tribe, family, education, career, wife, children, net worth

Arap Marindich is a fast rising Kenyan comedian from Bomet County, Rift Valley region. He came to the limelight after his Safari rally video tickled the world, thus making him an international meme. Arap Marindich biography tells all about his personal life.

Arap Marindich biography SRC: @Youth Village Kenya
Arap Marindich SRC: @Youth Village Kenya

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Millions of social media users are now using his soiled face to roar laughters. Besides, Arap Marindich memes have gone viral across the world making him even more famous.

Arap Marindich profile facts

Ara Marindich real name:     Kennedy Lang’at

Place of birth:                       Bomet County

Year of birth:                         1985

Gender:                                 Male

Nationality:                           Kenyan

Religion:                                Christian

Arap Marindich parents:       Names not Known

Siblings:                                Under review

Status:                                   Married

Arap Marindich children:      One

Arap Marindich biography

The trending Arap Marindich was born as Kennedy Lang’at to his parents in Bomet County. He attended a nearby primary school for his primary education and later joined Kaplong Boys High School for his secondary education. How old is Arap Marindich now?

Arap Marindich biography SRC: @Youth Village Kenya
Kennedy Lang’at SRC: @Youth Village Kenya

Arap Marindich age

Marindich was born in 1985 in Bomet, Rift Valley, to his parents Mr and Mrs Lang’at. He is therefore 37 years as of 2022. What tribe is Arap Marindich?

Arap Marindich tribe

Being born in Bomet County can hint you of Arap Marindich’s ancestral roots. Moreover, his real name, Kennedy Lang’at reveals that he is of the Kalenjin tribe.

Arap Marindich family

During an interview with one of the media houses, Marindich disclosed that he was born in a very humble family. He also added that his parents could not pay his high school fees, which forced him to drop out at form three. However, information about Arap Marindich siblings is yet to be revealed.

Kennedy Langa’t Marindich educational background

Lang’at attended Kerundut Primary for his primary education after which he joined Kaplong Boys High School for his secondary education. Sadly, he dropped out at form three due to lack of school fees.

‘’Ni fees ilikwa meleta shida, sasa baba yangu akaniambia nataka niuzee kang’ombe nikulipie shule. Nikamwambia sasa hyo Ksh. 18,000 umeuza, hii hiwezi maliza shule yote mpaka university. Sasa nikamwaambia fanya hivi, unipeleke driving school.’’ he said.

His career history

After discussing in length, Marindich’s father did not hesitate on his son’s suggestion. He supported him join Itembe Driving School as he had proposed. After completing his driving course, Kennedy started his job as a tout and later a matatu driver.

‘’After I was done with the driver’s training I did small gigs as a conductor before I was fully employed as a matatu driver plying the Litein-Kericho Bomet routes.’’

Marindich's Rally photos that went viral SRC: @Twitter, @Facebook
Marindich’s Rally photos that went viral SRC: @Twitter, @Facebook

In 2006, he moved to Nairobi and worked as a taxi driver as well as a matatu driver. After a few months, Lang’at became a personal driver to Tula Chemoget, a man who later became his comedy boss.

In 2017, Tula mentored Kennedy into the Safari Rally idea and shot him a funny video of the Naivasha Safari Rally. The video however did not go viral until July 2022 when the world made Arap Marindich an international meme. In fact, it is Tula who gave Kennedy his nickname Marindich, to mean an adult with unique facial expressions.

Arap Marindich wife and children

The now trending Kenyan comedian is not single as many think. He married some years ago and the two are staying happily. Kennedy also said that they are blessed with one son, whose name he did not disclose.

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Arap Marindich biography has unfolded his personal life including real name, age, tribe, family, education, career, wife, and children. Follow us daily and know new stories as they come every time.



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