Best Schools in KCSE 2023 Examinations

The KNEC on Monday released the 2023 KCSE results. Unlike in the previous year, candidates will not be able to access the 2023 KCSE results through SMS code. In this article, we shall explore the best schools in KCSE 2023 in Kenya, their ranking and their mean scores in the examination results released.

Best Schools in KCSE 2023 Examinations
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Knowing the best schools in the KCSE 2023 could help in guiding parents in choosing a desired school, aiding in educational research and even informing policymaking.

Best schools in KCSE 2023 and top performers

The top five best schools in KCSE 2023 in Kenya were:

  1. Nyambaria School in Nyamira County with a mean score of 10.897 and a mean grade of A-{minus}
  2. Cardinal Otunga in Kisii County with a mean score of 10.76 and a mean grade of A-{minus}
  3. Kokuro Boys in Migori County with a mean score of 10.68 and a mean grade of A-{minus}
  4. Alliance Girls in Kiambu County with a mean score of 10.52 and a mean grade of A-{minus}
  5. St. Brigids Girls High Kiminini in Tranz Nzoia County with a mean score of 10.5 and a mean grade of A-{minus}

These schools have consistently shown excellent performance and dedication of their students.

Notable Mentions

Other schools that performed exceptionally well include:

  • Strathmore School and Pangani Girls in Nairobi, both achieving a mean grade of A-{minus}
  • Nakuru Boys High and Moi High School Kabarak in Rift Valley, both achieving a mean grade of B+{plus}
  • Asumbi Girls in Homa Bay, Nyanza, achieving a mean grade of B+{plus}
  • Mang’u High in Kiambu, Central, achieving a mean grade of B+{plus}

Regional Performance

The list of best schools in KCSE 2023 is quite diverse, with representation from various regions across the country. Nyanza region had the highest number of schools in the top 75, followed by Rift Valley and Central regions.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best schools in KCSE 2023

RankingName of SchoolMean ScoreRegionCountyMean Grade
3Kokuro Boys10.68NYANZAMigoriA-{minus}
4ALLIANCE GIRLS10.52CentralKiambuA-{minus}
5ST Brigids Girls High KIMININI10.5Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaA-{minus}
6Strathmore School10.5NairobiNairobiA-{minus}
7PANGANI GIRLS10.49NairobiNairobiB+{plus}
8NAKURU BOYS HIGH10.42Rift ValleyNakuruB+{plus}
9ASUMBI GIRLS10.377NYANZAHoma BayB+{plus}
10Mang’u High10.336CentralKiambuB+{plus}
11St. Anthonys Boys Kitale10.33Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB+{plus}
12GONZAGA GONZA10.3NYANZANyamiraB+{plus}
13Mudasa Academy10.3WESTERNVihigaB+{plus}
14ST. PAULS IGONGA10.24NYANZAKisiiB+{plus}
15Igonga DOK Secondary10.24NYANZAKisiiB+{plus}
16Alliance High School10.2CentralKiambuB+{plus}
17Moi High School Kabarak10.13Rift ValleyNakuruB+{plus}
18Kapsabet High10.083Rift ValleyNandiB+{plus}
19Kisumu Day Secondary10.074NYANZAkisumuB+{plus}
20Moi Girls Eldoret10.06Rift ValleyUasin GishuB+{plus}
21KANGA HIGH9.97NYANZAMigoriB+{plus}
22KAAGA GIRLS9.96CentralmeruB+{plus}
23Kenya High School9.95NairobiNairobiB+{plus}
24Matinyani Secondary9.942EasternKituiB+{plus}
25St Brigids Girls High9.92Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB+{plus}
26ORERO BOYS9.906NYANZAHoma BayB+{plus}
27Light Academy Mombasa9.9CoastMombasaB+{plus}
28Samoei Boys High9.89Rift ValleyNandiB+{plus}
29CHEPWAGAN BOYS9.7474Rift ValleyKerichoB+{plus}
30Chebwagan high9.74Rift ValleyKerichoB+{plus}
31MASENO SCHOOL9.663NYANZAKisumuB+{plus}
32Ogande Girls9.62NYANZAHoma BayB+{plus}
33Sawagongo High9.619NYANZASiayaB+{plus}
34Kagumo High9.58CentralNyeriB+{plus}
35Murang’a High9.55CentralMurang’aB+{plus}
36Nairobi School9.543NairobiNairobiB+{plus}
38Nyakongo boys9.54NYANZANyamiraB+{plus}
39MERU SCHOOL9.52CentralMeruB+{plus}
40ST PATRICKS MAKUNGA9.5Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB+{plus}
41Cheborge Boys9.44Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
42Bishop Linus Okok girls9.43NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
43Light Academy Nairobi9.39NairobiNairobiB{plain}
44CHEBORGE GIRLS9.3754Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
45Korongoi Girls9.36Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
46Lelwak boys9.344Rift ValleyNandiB{plain}
47KIPSIGIS GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL9.3154Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
48Kitui School9.312EasternKituiB{plain}
49Nyalenda Secondary9.3NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
50Butula Boys9.287WESTERNBusiaB{plain}
51MOBAMBA HIGH9.284NYANZAKisiiB{plain}
52Sigoti Complex9.27NYANZAKisumuB{plain}
53STAREHE BOYS CENTRE9.27NairobiNairobiB{plain}
54ST.MARKS CHERANG’ANI9.2517WESTERNTranz NzoiaB{plain}
55Friends School Kakamega9.2473WESTERNKakamegaB{plain}
56Mt Carmel girls9.2353EasternMakueniB{plain}
57MaryHill Girls9.23CentralKiambuB{plain}
58Kiage Tumaini High9.23NYANZAKisiiB{plain}
59Saye Mixed9.22NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
60Kabianga High9.2162Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
61Moi Tea Girls High School9.21Rift ValleyKerichoB{plain}
62OSSEN GIRLS HIGH9.2Rift ValleyBaringoB{plain}
63ST MARKS CHERANGANY9.2Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB{plain}
64MBITA HIGH9.157NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
65KATHIANI GIRLS HIGH9.1235EasternMachakosB{plain}
67MWONGORI HIGH9.119NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
68KUURA SEC9.11NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
69St Clare Girls Secondary9.1Rift ValleyNakuruB{plain}
70ANDERSEN HIGH9.1Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB{plain}
72St Pauls Gekano Boys9.0634NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
75Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed9CoastMombasaB{plain}
77Kapsabet Girls8.98Rift ValleyNandiB{plain}
78Metkei Girls High8.96Rift ValleyElgeyo MarakwetB{plain}
79AGORO SARE8.935NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
80Kibabii Boys High8.93WESTERNBungomaB{plain}
81Mbooni Girls8.911EasternMakueniB{plain}
82MENYENYA SDA8.871NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
83Ruth Kiptui Girls Kasok8.87Rift ValleyBaringoB{plain}
84Moteiribe Secondary8.859NYANZAKisiiB{plain}
85KEBIRIGO BOYS8.842NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
86Arabuko Forest High8.84CoastKilifiB{plain}
87Nyamagwa girls8.823NYANZAKisiiB{plain}
88RUTH KIPTUI GIRLS8.8Rift ValleyBaringoB{plain}
89ST JOSEPHS BOYS8.8Rift ValleyTranz NzoiaB{plain}
90Meteitei Secondary8.77Rift ValleyNandiB{plain}
91Qubaa Muslim Secondary8.76CoastMombasaB{plain}
92OLOOLAISER HIGH SCHOOL8.76Rift ValleyKajiadoB{plain}
93TENWEK HIGH SCHOOL8.7561Rift ValleyBometB{plain}
94BUTERE GIRLS8.727WESTERNKakamegaB{plain}
96Got Rateng’ Mixed8.7NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
97Chemelil Sugar Academy8.69NYANZAKisumuB{plain}
98LUGULU GIRLS8.655WESTERNBungomaB{plain}
99St Andrew Kaggwa Girls High8.648NYANZANyamiraB{plain}
102Ober Boys8.6NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
103Nyangajo Girls8.6NYANZAHoma BayB{plain}
104Dr Aggrey School8.6CoastTaita TavetaB{plain}

The KCSE exam not only determines the academic future of the students but also serves as a measure of the quality of education provided by the schools.

Emerging as the best school in KCSE 2023 is a testament to the hard work of the students, the dedication of the teachers, and the support of the parents.

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