11 Types of underwear for women : clothes to wear with

Hi ladies, are you stuck with one type of underwear? If yes, then we have various types of underwear for you to wear with different clothes. Knowing your size will enable you to buy a fit panty that cannot cause irritation or rashes to your skin. Know the types of underwear for women now.

Types of underwear for women
Types of underwear for women

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When shopping for underwear, you need to understand their type and the kind of clothes to wear with. Besides, no one likes putting on underwear that shows panty lines through clothes.

11 different types of underwear for women you should know

Are you planning to go for shopping? Here are the types of underwear you need to know now.

1. Thong underwear

If you are looking for a panty with minimal coverage, then try thongs. They have a T- shaped fabric string in the back that prevents panty lines from showing through clothes. Thongs are worn three inches below the waist with their sides hitting at or above the hipbone.

Types of underwear for women
Thong underwear

When buying thongs, ensure you choose those of your size because wearing a too-tight thong may make you uncomfortable. You can wear thongs with bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, tights, and leggings.

2. Boyshort underwear

This panty’s name came after men’s briefs hence, boyshorts. Boyshorts are among the types of underwear for women that feel comfortable. They are rectangular with ample coverage than other panties. They have a length that stops at the top of the thighs or sometimes goes beyond.

Types of underwear for women
Boyshort underwear

Wear your boyshort underwear with loungewear, loose skirts, and shorts since they provide ample coverage in case your dress flies up.

3. Hipster panties

These panties have the most coverage around the hips with wide waistbands and low cut leg holes. When worn, they sit on the hips, below the waistline.

Types of underwear for women
Hipster underwear

Hipsters come in different fabrics, such as cotton, mesh, and microfiber. You can wear your hipsters with pants and low-waist jeans.

4. G- string panties

These are among the types of underwear for women with the least coverage. G- string have a T-shaped fabric like thongs but a thinner string in the back and low-rise front. These panties are the best since they do not show panty lines through clothes.

G string underwear
G string underwear

G- strings come in delicate fabrics such as satin and lace.  Wear your G- string with leggings, bodycon dresses, and skirts. 

5. Bikini underwear

If you usually go to the gym, then bikinis are the best for you. These panties have a butt coverage with high cut leg openings. They have a low-rise front with a waistband that sits a few inches below the waist.

Bikini underwear
Bikini underwear

Bikinis are comfortable to wear since they do not show panty lines through or rise up. They come in different fabrics such as cotton, nylon, microfiber, and lace. You can wear your bikinis any cloth of your choice.

6. Brief panties

These comfy panties have a front and back coverage. Briefs come in different styles of low to high-rise panties. Most of them are made of cotton, nylon, and microfiber. Briefs may show panty lines, but they feel much comfortable for most women.

Brief panties
Brief panties

You can wear your control brief with a bodycon dress and high waist denim or your classic brief with jeans or pleated skirts.

7. French-cut / high-cut panties

High-cut panties have waists almost similar to that of classic briefs, but their higher cut leg holes rise above the widest part of the thigh. French-cut panties come in various fabrics such as microfiber and mesh. Wear your French-cut panty with low rise jeans and pants.

French-cut panties
French-cut panties

8. High waist panties

Does the panty that digs into your belly irritate you? If yes, then try high waist panties. These panties rise to the tummy, and most women feel comfortable in them.

High waist underwear
High waist underwear

High waist panties’ rise depends on one’s torso length even thou most of them sit on the bottom of the navel. These panties come in delicate fabrics such as slip dress. You can wear your high waist panty with a cloth of your choice.

9. Seamless panties

These are among the types of underwear for women that are very comfortable because they do not have stitches. Seamless panties feel soft to the skin and have flat fabric that cannot show panty lines.

Seamless panties
Seamless panties

They come in different fabrics and can be worn with any cloth. Most women call it a second skin.

10. Cheeky panties

These panties look similar to a bikini but have more coverage from the back than thongs. Most of these panties have wider hip bands that prevent panty lines from showing, although there are other types with thinner bands. One can wear cheeky panties with any cloth such as dresses, jeans, and skirts.

Cheeky panties
Cheeky panties

11. Control cup underwear

These types of panties are comfy for most women. When worn, they can rise to the belly button or above. Some control cup panties can rise to the point of touching your bra.

Control cup underwear
Control cup underwear

These shape wear panties come in different fabrics, such as cotton. Wear your control cup panty with clothes such as dresses and skirts.

How do I choose my underwear style?

Most women tend to have this same question all the time without getting an answer. Choosing a type of underwear best for you depends on your body size. For instance, those with thicker thighs should go for those panties with extra leg materials that may not rise and show panty lines through clothes.

Which type of underwear is best for females?

Panties come out in different materials, but the cotton ones are a choice for most women.  According to Dr. Dweck, panties with absorbent materials are preferable by many. 

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The above types of underwear for women will help you know the cloth to wear with every panty. Wear a fit underwear and stay comfortable always.



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