Felicity Shiru biography, age, tribe, family, education, husband, child, net worth, instagram account

Felicity Shiru is a Kenyan Content Creator and Social Media Influencer. She is also an Instagram Model who has captured the attention of many. Besides, her relationship with the Chief Sanitizer, Thee Pluto, has attracted her even more fans. Felicity Shiru biography unveils everything you may have wanted to know about her.

Felicity Shiru biography SRC: @Facebook
Felicity Shiru, the Kenyan Content Creator and Influencer SRC: @Facebook

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What does Felicity do for a living? Apart from earning from her YouTube Channel, Shiru also runs a beauty parlour in Nairobi that generates her good amount of money.

Thee Pluto girlfriend profile facts

Real name:    Felicity Shiru

Date of birth:  September 9, 1999

Felicity Shiru tribe:   Kikuyu

Religion:                     Christian

Nationality:                Kenyan

Felicity Shiru parents:   Names not disclosed

Siblings:                       Under review

Felicity Shiru boyfriend: Thee Pluto

Felicity Shiru children:           1

Profession:                    Content Creator, Influencer

Twitter account:             @Felicity Shiru

Felicity Shiru instagram account: Fel @felicity_shiru

Felicity Shiru biography

The gorgeous looking lady was born as Felicity Shiru to her parents in Central Kenya. She was then raised together with her siblings. However, information about Felicity Shiru siblings remain unrevealed. How old is Felicity Shiru?

Felicity Shiru biography SRC: @YouTube
Shiru posing for a photo SRC: @YouTube

Felicity Shiru age

Shiru was born on September 9, 1999 in Central Kenya. She is therefore 23 years old as of 2022. Thee Pluto girlfriend age reveal a young hardworking woman who is determined to make her dreams come true.

What is Felicity Shiru tribe?

Despite not revealing the names of her parents, Felicity’s place of birth can hint us of her ancestral roots. Moreover, her second name, Shiru, is evident enough that she is of the Kikuyu tribe.

Felicity Shiru family

Despite being on the limelight, Shiru has managed to keep her parents and siblings from the public eye. Trusted sources however indicate that she is from a middle class family and has never struggled much in life. Stay tuned as you know more.

Her educational background

Upon sitting for her KCSE exams, she enrolled at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). What is Felicity Shiru course?

Shiru enrolled JKUAT for a Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management Studies. Although she was opted to graduate in 2022, she could not due to unavoidable reasons.

Felicity Shiru husband

Shiru and her longtime boyfriend Thee Pluto alias Robert Ndegwa Kamau started cohabiting in January 2022 and are now staying together as husband and wife. The two often share their romantic photos on social media, thus expressing the good relationship between them.

Felicity with her hubby, Thee Pluto SRC: @Kenyan News, @Mpasho
Felicity with her hubby, Thee Pluto SRC: @Kenyan News, @Mpasho

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru child

Pluto and Felicity were blessed with a new born baby on November 7, 2022 . The young couple later revealed the baby’s name as Zoey Pluto.

The couple with their firstborn child, Zoey Pluto SRC: @YouTube
The couple with their firstborn child, Zoey Pluto SRC: @YouTube

While answering questions on motherhood Shiru responded that the first few months are the hardest.

 “Motherhood is so far so good, I would say, but one thing is, of course, you have to juggle a lot between being a mum and doing your own stuff like work.

I think the first months are the hardest, I would say, because you know you have to be there for the baby, breastfeed and such. But I would say it still has the good side of it.” She said.  

Felicity Shiru net worth

Felicity Shiru YouTube Channel has a good number of followers, thus generating her good cash every month. Furthermore, she launched a beauty parlor in Nairobi from which she earns well. However, information about her net worth is still underway.

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Felicity Shiru biography unveils a young woman who is doing her best to better her life. Read our daily articles and know new stories as they come every time.


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