Femi One biography, age, family, tribe, education, career, husband, boyfriend, children, salary, cars, net worth

Femi One is one of the best female rappers in Kenya. She is also a songwriter, who has recorded a number of hit songs such as ‘Pilau Njeri’ that brought her to limelight. Besides, she is the first African female ever to be appointment as the brand ambassador for Monster Energy for East and Central Africa. Learn more about Femi One biography.

Femi One, one of the best female rappers in Kenya SRC: @KBC

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Ever since her breakthrough, Femi has released a number of hit songs with high profile artists such King Kaka. Besides, her collabo song, ‘Utawezana’ with Mejja has gained more than 10 millions views on YouTube.

Facts about Femi One

The female rapper celebrates her birthday with the famous rapper, Mani. Know more about Femi One biography, age, family, tribe, education, career, husband, boyfriend, children, salary, cars, net worth.

Femi One with King Kaka SRC: @Biggest Kaka

The Kenyan rapper, Femi One profile

Femi One real name:                                Wanjiku Kimani

Date of birth:                                              April 25, 1994

Zodiac sign:                                                Taurus

Place of birth:                                             Mwiki, Kasarani

Gender:                                                       Female

Nationality:                                                 Kenyan

Femi One siblings:                                    Not known

Religion:                                                     Christian

Occupation:                                                Rapper

Label:                                                          Kaka Empire

Instagram account:                                  @femi_one

Femi One biography

The Kenyan rapper was born as Wanjiku Kimani in Mwiki, Kasarani, Nairobi County. She was then raised in Mwiki area, where she attended the neighboring school. However, information about Femi One parents is not yet disclosed.

Femi the rapper SRC: @AfroCharts

Femi One age

Which tribe is Femi One? The celebrated rapper is a Gikuyu. She was born in 1994. She is 27 years as of 2021. Femi One’s birthday is on April 25 every year.

Wanjiku Kimani SRC: @Scooper, @muziki mpya

Femi One family

The rapper is among the celebrities who prefer low-key lives. She has never disclosed any information about her parents or that of her siblings. We will keep you updated immediately we find out more.

The rapper, Femi One education history

Femi attended a school in Kasarani for her primary education. She then joined Gakarara Secondary for her secondary level education. During one of the interviews, she stated that she is intending to join university and pursue Mass Communication. However, whether she has joined college or university remains unanswered.

Femi while in high school and after high school SRC: @Facebook, @Opera News

Her career

The talented icon prefers her music in Swahili and Sheng. She recorded her first songs including Alejandro in early 2013. She then came into limelight after her single hit song, ‘Pilau Njeri.’ Since then she has released several hit songs that have ranked her at the top.

Femi with Mejja SRC: @Biggest Kaka

Besides, her collabo songs with great artists such as King Kaka, Mejja, Kristoff, Avril, and Nessa have greatly contributed to her fame. Femi One songs include Brikicho, Hiyo One, Baddest, Nyokonyoko, Moto, D-Day, Run ting ft. King Kaka, Mkali Wao ft. Mchizi Gaza, and Sijasikia Vibaya Ft. Njugush. Moreover, her Utawezana ft. Mejja song became even more famous after Azziad Nasenya made a Tit-tok video and shared it on social media.

Azziad Nasenya, Tik-Tok queen SRC: @Classic 105, @Potentash

Femi One husband

Femi is not married yet. She is a single lady who is still searching. However, on October 2020, she revealed to the public that she was pregnant, but the man had denied the pregnancy. She went ahead to share the photos of her and the man inside a car.

Femi with her ex-lover in a car SRC: @Doberre

Femi baby daddy

Wanjiku shared the photos of her pregnancy on her instagram and stated that she was carrying twins. The bitter lady said that she is ready to raise her two kids now that her man had become a deadbeat father.

Femi with Nviri SRC: @Kiss 100

Surprisingly, her baby daddy is the Sol records storyteller, Nviri. Femi stated that Nviri and her had agreed to keep their relationship private, but she decided to unveil him after he denied the pregnancy.

Femi One children

Since she revealed that she was pregnant for twins and could be a mother soon, she has never talked about her children to the public. We will keep you updated immediately we find the information.

Nviri with Femi SRC: @Kyakala, @Mdundo.com

Femi One salary

The rapper has released a number of hit songs that have paid her well. Besides, her YouTube videos have a good number of subscribers. She is yet to reveal how much she makes per month.

Femi One cars

Wanjiku has been seen riding expensive cars that are estimated to millions of money. Below is some of her cars.

One of the rapper’s cars SRC: @Facebook
Femi’s red car SRC: @Biggest Kaka

Femi One net worth

Apart from earning from music, Femi has also won ambassadorial deals that have paid her well. For instance, her endorsement deal with Monster Energy for East and Central Africa is said to have earned her a lot. However, information about her net worth is still under review.

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The above is Femi One biography. Follow us daily and know new stories including Femi One houses and new songs.


Femi One ft. Mejja SRC: @YouTube