Huddah Monroe biography, age, tribe, family, education, career, boyfriend, rumors, salary, house, cars, and net worth

Huddah Monroe is one of the wealthiest socialites in Kenya. She started her career at the age of sixteen years, working as a video vixen. She then found her breakthrough after representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Show, BBA reality show in South Africa in 2014. Besides, Huddah is a model who has also participated in curtain-raising events. Learn more about Huddah Monroe biography now.

Huddah Monroe, one of the wealthiest socialites in Kenya SRC: @The Standard

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Apart from being a socialite, Huddah is an entrepreneur who runs a number of businesses that pay her well every month. The question then rises, how much is Huddah Monroe worth?

Top facts about the celebrated Kenyan socialite

Before coming to the limelight, Huddah had worked at an architecture organization as a secretary for a short while before she was fired. Know Huddah Monroe biography, age, tribe, family, education, career, boyfriend, salary, house, cars, and net worth now.

Huddah Monroe, one of the best models in Kenya SRC: @Classic 105

Her profile

Huddah Monroe real name:        Alhuda Njoroge

Place of birth:                               Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya

Date of birth:                                October 10, 1991

Gender:                                         Female

Zodiac sign:                                  Libra

Ethnicity:                                       Black

Nationality:                                   Kenyan

Huddah Monroe father:                Deceased

Huddah Monroe mother:              Name not known

Siblings:                                         4

Occupation:                                   socialite, model, video vixen

Instagram account:                        huddathebosschick 

Facebook account:                        @huddahmonroethebossgirl

Huddah Monroe biography

The Kenyan socialite was born as Alhuda Njoroge to her parents in Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya. She was then raised in Huruma Estate. Unfortunately, her father succumbed to unknown illness when Huddah was still a young girl.

Huddah Monroe, aka, the Boss Lady SRC: @Daily Active, @Classic 105

Huddah Monroe age

How old is Huddah Monroe? The Boss Lady was born in 1991, thus 30 years as of 2021. Huddah Monroe birthday is on October 10 every year.

What is Huddah Monroe tribe?

The longtime asked question is now answered. Alhuda Njoroge has mixed roots. Her mother is a Kikuyu while her father is a Somali. Know more about Huddah Monroe siblings below.

Huddah Monroe family

The socialite is the first born in her family. Like many other celebrities, she prefers her family away from the public eye. During one of the interviews, she disclosed that her father died while she was young, hence the reason why her mother got married to another man. However, the painful Huddah said that her step father and four step brothers mistreated her until she ran away from home.

The socialite with her mother SRC: @Ghafla

Her educational background

Born in a humble background, Huddah attended a nearby school for her primary level education. She then joined secondary, but transferred to a number of schools including Kajiado Hills Girls Academy, due to indiscipline matters. Upon sitting for her KCSE, she got herself a secretarial job at an architecture company, but was fired after a short while.  It is after this that she pursued a computer studies course and a Diploma in Modelling.

Her career

After high school, Huddah joined freelance modelling after which she met with the Manager Calif Records, and featured in a number of songs as a video vixen. She was also privileged to participate in Television adds that paid her well. Interestingly, she used the money to invest into an oil business, which is now paying her well.

Alhuda Njoroge, one of the celebrated Kenyan models SRC: @UGWIRE, @Zonk News

In 2014, she represented Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Show that brought her into the limelight. Since then, Huddah has participated in several events that have made her famous both in Kenya and Africa.

Who is Huddah Monroe boyfriend?

Huddah is a gorgeous lady with a sexy body that has kept a number of men thirsting for her. She is currently single and definitely not looking forward to enter into marriage any sooner. In one of the interviews, she mentioned that she turned out to hate men so much, because of how her step father used to beat her mother. This raised any alarm among fans as Huddah Monroe has been spotted out with different men.

Alhuda posing for a photo SRC: @Ghafla, @Galay FM

It is after this that one of the fans questioned if Huddah Monroe Jux relationship was just but a chemistry. Huddah then responded that she can date but does not imagine herself staying with a man in the same house……However, there are rumors that she is seeing a certain man, and the two are intending to settle down. Who knows if the guy will end up being Huddah Monroe husband?

The socialite with her new rumored boyfriend SRC: @Pinterest

Huddah Monroe salary

Huddah Monroe sources of income include farming and endorsement deals. She has also invested in several other businesses that generate her a good amount of money every month. For instance, she is the CEO Huddan Monroe Cosmetics that produces the best lipsticks. However, information about her monthly salary is still under review.

Huddah relaxing outside her multi-million mansion SRC: @Daily Active

Huddah Monroe house

Alhuda is among the richest socialites in Kenya and East Africa. She is leading a lavish life admirable to many. She owns a mansion in Nairobi County that is estimated to millions of money. Below is a view of her house.

Huddah in her mansion SRC:, @Infotrust News

Huddah Monroe cars

The socialite is a perfect example of those who have moved from poverty to richness. She drives big machines that are worth millions. Huddah Monroe car collection includes Range Rover Sport, White Range Rover Evogue, Land Cruiser V8, and Black Audi Q7.

One of the socialite’s cars SRC: @Mpasho, @Kinnaka’s Blog
Huddah standing outside her White Range Rover Evogue car SRC: @Ghafla

Huddah Monroe net worth

Have you been wondering about Huddah Monroe wealth? The celebrated icon has won ambassadorial deals such as ambassador for BrightenMi that have rewarded her well. Moreover, she owns a ten-acre piece of land where she cultivates different varieties of crops, which she sells in the Kenyan market. Her net worth is estimated at $ 3 million.

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Some of the most expensive things owned by Huddah Monroe SRC: @YouTube