Mulamwah biography, age, tribe, family, education, wife, child, career, back to comedy, salary, cars, and net worth

Mulamwah has turned out as one of the most followed comedians in Kenya. He started his career when he was in campus, but found fame in early 2019 after he shared a video about high school students on his social media walls. However, on Monday, April 13, 2020, the comedian shocked many after he posted a video of him setting his comedy cloth ablaze, saying that he had quit the industry. What was behind this? See below for comedian Mulamwah biography.

Mulamwah, one of the most celebrated comedians in Kenya SRC: @Ralingo

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In his post, the comedian stated that he was tired of trolls from fans, hence ready to quit. His post then received a number of reactions from fans and other celebrities such as Jalang’o, asking him to stay in the industry.

What you need to know about the comedian

Mulamwah attended auditions at Churchill Show for three consecutive years without a success. How then did he find his breakthrough? Learn more about Mulamwah biography, age, tribe, family, education, wife, child, career, salary, cars, and net worth now.

The celebrated icon after quitting comedy and setting his costume on fire SRC: @Classic 105, @YouTube

Comedian Mulamwah profile

Mulamwah real name:                      David Oyando

Pace of birth:                                     Butere, Kakamega County

Date of birth:                                     May 28, 1993

Gender:                                              Male

Zodiac sign:                                       Gemini

Nationality:                                        Kenyan

Religion:                                            Christianity

Mulamwah parents:                           Not disclosed

Wife:                                                 Caroline Muthoni

Occupation:                                      Nurse, Comedian

Instagram account:                          @mulamwah

Facebook account:                           Mulamwah 

Mulamwah biography

The Kenyan comedian was born as David Oyando in Kakamega County, Kenya. His parents raised him and his other siblings in Butere area. However, little is known about Mulamwah siblings except for his little sister who has also shown interest in comedy.

David Oyando, aka Mulamwah SRC: @Facebook

How old is Mulamwah?

Comedian Mulamwah age is no longer unanswered question. He was born in 1993, thus 28 years as of 2021. Mulamwah birthday is on May 28 every year.

What is Mulamwah tribe?

David’s place of birth can hint you of his origin. He was born in the Western Kenya, Butere area. He belongs to the Luyha tribe.

Mulamwah family

The comedian is among the many celebrities who prefer their families away from the public. He has never shared any photos for his family, especially those of his parents on his social media platforms. However, during one of the interviews he disclosed that his dad was so strict and valued education that he could not allow him join any acting group. We will keep you updated immediately we find out more.

His educational background

Mulamwah has disapproved many who think that comedians are illiterate. After sitting for his K.C.P.E, he joined St. Anthony’s Boys’ High School for his secondary education. He then sat for his KCSE in 2010 and managed to score an A -. Later, he proceeded to Moi University, and pursued a Degree in Nursing.

Mulamwah on his graduation day SRC: @Facebook

Mulamwah wife

Comedian Mulamwah is not a single boy as many may think. After dating with his longtime girlfriend, the two decided to cohabit and take their relationship to the next level.  Sadly, the lovebirds broke up a few weeks after Caroline miscarried her three-month pregnancy, due to undisclosed reasons. Despite this, the two reunited early this year and are back together.

The comedian with his better half SRC: @Twitter

Mulamwah child

Late last year, the comedian who was eagerly waiting to be a father became disappointed after Carol miscarried. The couple is however expecting another child; thou a little scared because of their first experience.

Mulamwah’s girlfriend expecting a child SRC: @Facebook

Back to comedy

Few months ago, David surprised many after he came back to the comedy industry. The happy Mulamwah seemed to be have decided with the whole thing, never to quit again. He even started his YouTube channel where he posts videos daily. Interestingly, his videos are attracting more and more fans each day.

Mulamwa salary

Apart from comedy, Mulamwah is also earning as a nurse. He is currently believed to be pocketing a good amount of money every month. will keep you updated after finding more.

David after finding his breakthrough SRC: @Facebook

Mulamwah net worth

Mulamwah YouTube channel ‘KEEPING UP WITH THE MULAMWA’S’ is now having a massive following, thus paying him well. He revealed this after he shared a video of him holding wards of money, saying that he had earned it from comedy. He also added that he would use the money to purchase his first piece of land in which he will build a house. However, information about his net worth is still under review.

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Keeping up with the Mulamwah’s Episode 1 SRC: @YouTube