Henry Desagu biography, age, tribe, family, education, girlfriend, children, career, salary, house, cars, and net worth

Henry Desagu is one of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya. He started his career at a very tender age, performing kits in church with other children. After completing his KCSE, he opted to venture into comedy, but chose to fulfill his parents’ desire by joining campus and pursuing the course of their preference. How then did he become a successful comedian? Learn more about Henry Desagu biography below.

Henry Desagu, one of the most celebrated online comedians in Kenya SRC: @YouTube

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Upon going to campus, Desagu joined a theatre group that helped nurture his talent. Moreover, his natural act, accent and choice of words, greatly contributed to his breakthrough. Where does Henry Desagu come from?

Top facts about the online comedian

The online comedian is from Nakuru County. He is famously known for fighting for the rights of ‘Team Mafisi Sacco’, who are snatched their ladies by sponsors. Know more about Henry Desagu biography, age tribe, family, education, girlfriend, children, career, salary, house, cars, and net worth now.

Desagu, one of the most celebrated comedians in Kenya SRC: @YouTube, @Facebook

The Kenyan comedian, Henry Desagu profile

Henry Desagu real name:              Ithagu Kibicho

Place of birth:                                Lanet, Nakuru

Date of birth:                                 July 20

Gender:                                          Male

Zodiac Sign:                                  Cancerian

Nationality:                                    Kenyan

Henry Desagu tribe:                      Not known

Religion:                                        Christian

Henry Desagu father:                    Deceased

Henry Desagu Mother:                  Name not disclosed

Siblings:                                        Not known

Wife:                                             Jackie Mbugua

Children:                                        1

Occupation:                                   Actor, Comedian

Instagram account:                       @henrydesagu     

Facebook account:                        Henry DeSagu

YouTube channel:                        Henry DeSagu

Henry Desagu biography

The Comedian was born as Ithagu Kibicho to his parents in Lanet, Nakuru County. Unfortunately, he lost his father to unknown illness few years ago, after he had found his breakthrough.

Henry Desagu SRC: @Facebook

How old is Henry Desagu?

Henry Desagu age has been a long time asked question. He has never disclosed the year of his birth. Despite this, it is believed that he is in his late 20s. Henry Desagu birthday is on July 20 every year. We will keep you updated immediately we find out more.

Henry Desagu family

Ithagu is among the many celebrities who prefer low-key lives. He barely discloses any information about his family. Besides, little is known about Henry Desagu siblings except for his sister who has pursued a Fashion and Design course.

His educational background

Let not Desagu’s accent in his comic videos make you think that he is unlearned. He is among the most educated comedians in the country. After sitting for his KCPE, he joined Menengai High School for his secondary education. He then enrolled at Kenyatta University and pursued a Degree in Economics.

His career

Desagu started his career at a young age, where he used to take part in comic parts in church kits. This inspired him that he thought of becoming a celebrity one day. However, he could not pursue a related course in the university, as his parents wanted him to do a course that could give him a white-collar job.

One of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya SRC: @Opera News

While pursuing economics, he joined a theatre group that helped nurture his talent. Realizing he was not getting to the top, he decided to come up with his content, where he focused on issues affecting the society. He could then share the content on his social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

In 2016, he came up with a YouTube channel, where he could post his videos. The comedian believes that his wife’s video about her denying him sex is behind his fame. During his interview with Betty Kyalo, he mentioned that getting to the peak needs one to be patient and consistent.

Is Henry Desagu married?

Ithagu is a family man. He married his longtime girlfriend, Jackie Mbugua and the two are now staying happily. Interestingly, Henry Dasagu wife is a model and an actress who has featured in a number of Desagu’s videos.

The comedian with his girlfriend, Jackie Mbugua SRC: @Pinterest, @Opera News

Henry Desagu child

The comedian is a proud father of one child. On June 2019, Henry Desagu girlfriend, Jackie Mbugua shared a photo of her pregnancy, stating that they were eagerly waiting for the baby. However, the couple has not posted the photos of their baby on social media yet.

Desagu with Jackie while she was pregnant SRC: @The Star

Henry Desagu salary

The Kenyan comedian is a perfect example of those who have moved from poverty to richness. On July this year, he launched his studio ‘Henry Desagu Studio’ in a three-bedroom house located in Ruiru. Celebrities who attended the event include Njugush, Jalang’o, MCA Tricky, Sleepy David, Odi wa Murang’a, and Alex Mathenge. Desagu’s monthly salary is estimated at Ksh. 250, 000 to Ksh. 700, 000.

Some of Desagu’s friends during the launch of his new studio SRC: @Facebook

Henry Desagu cars

Does Desagu own a car? The celebrated comedian is now enjoying life unlike before. His rides a Range Rover machine that is estimated to worth millions of money.

The comedian with his wife in their Range Rover car SRC: @YouTube

Henry Desagu net worth

Henry Desagu YouTube channel is now having more than 550, 000 subscribers, thus generating a good amount of money every month. Besides, he has won endorsement deals with companies such as Motorhub, Treasure Garden Real Estate, and Expeditions Maasai Safari that have paid him well. His net worth is at $ 105k as of July 2021.

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You are aware of Henry Desagu biography. Follow our daily articles and know exciting stories as they come every minute.


One of the comedian’s videos SRC: @YouTube