Shock as twin brothers die on the same day in Kitui County

Cases of twins scoring the same marks, wedding or dying on the same day are rare. However, most twins who look alike tend to do things similar to those who do not. Here is sad news as twin brothers die on the same day in Kitui.

The twin brothers who died in the same day

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Most twins walk together during their teen ages but then take life differently after maturing. Below is a story that has left many Kenyans speechless.

Shock as twin brothers die on the same day in Kitui

A family in Mangina Village in Kitui County has been left in tears after losing two of their members in a day. Onesmus Susa Mati and Gabriel Mutie Mati were born 63 years ago and have been best friends since childhood. The two schooled together and did the same course (accountancy) in one of the colleges in Mombasa. Later, they married and started raising their families while staying closer to each other.

Onesmus and his twin brother Gabriel

The identical twins had always shocked villagers with their striking resemblance and their similar way of doing things. However, Onesmus and Gabriel dying on the same day never clicked on the minds of Mangina people.

Onesmus Mati had been hospitalized due to kidney illness that required dialysis treatment. It is after this that his brother Gabriel Mati went to visit him in the hospital. The two talked the whole day and even shared a meal before Gabriel left for his home.

Gabriel’s death

Gabriel’s wife, Florence Mutie, disclosed that her husband suddenly fell ill after coming from the hospital. She said that he developed breathing complications, which led to his death.

Onesmus’s death

Back in the hospital, his brother Onesmus became worse and was referred to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital but died on the way. Onesmus’s children were informed in the morning after they went to the hospital to check on their father. The two bodies are now reserved in Tribute Funeral Home waiting for burial.

Funeral arrangements

The family is now planning for the joint funeral for the two brothers. They said that the brothers will have coffins of the same colour but buried in different graves, as each was married. What a tragedy!

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