Shock as the Government threatens to shut down KTN News

The government has reportedly threatened to shut down KTN News. Threats to close the Mombasa Road-based media outlet were revealed through a statement made during their live broadcast at 4:09 p.m.  

KTN News @SRC Facebook

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Why shut down KTN News?

The media outlet did not identify the particular office or the person who had made the threat to close them down. However, it was observed that the threats developed as a result of the live coverage of the Tuesday protests.

Despite this, the SG asserted that its journalists would continue with their work and tell the public of what was happening.

“We have received threats from the government of intentions to shut us down. We would like to inform the public of our commitment to defend public interests and we shall not be cowed by any threats even as we continue to inform the public of the happening on the ground,” stated the news anchor.

How many deaths have been documented so far?

Following some protestors’ entry into Parliament on Tuesday, the anti-Finance Bill demonstrations descended into chaos. As a result, a number of demonstrators died while others were left with serious injuries. So far four deaths have been documented by human rights organizations.

While debating on the Finance Bill 2024 on Tuesday, 195 MPs voted in favor of the measure while the rest did not. This is because the Kenya Kwanza faction is represented by the majority of the parliamentarians who voted in favor of the bill.

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The Finance Bill 2024 includes the Eco Levy as one of its tax proposals; it will be applied to imported finished goods. Despite Kenyans plea, the government insists that tax revenue is necessary in order to carry out development initiatives and advance national development.



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