Pastor Paul Mackenzie son, Dan Mackenzie reveal this about his father

On Sunday, May 7, 2023 Pastor Paul Mackenzie son, Dan Mackenzie narrated the whole story how his father found his way to Shakahola forest. The 21 year old son who is a bodaboda rider in Malindi town, revealed that his father left preaching in 2019 to do farming in Shakahola.

Paul Mackenzie son SRC: @Nations Africa
Dan Mackenzie (Left), Paul Mackenzie (Right) @The Star, @Nations Africa

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Paul Mackenzie son speaks

While being interviewed, the firstborn son to Mackenzie stated that before his father left, he told him that he was going to buy a land at Shakahola in which he could do farming.

“He told me that he was going to purchase a piece of land at Shakahola and he was going farm it,’’ he said.

Dan Mackenzie also explained that he could not follow his father because he does not like farming. For this reason, he was left behind to stay with his grandmother and step mother.

Pastor Mackenzie's firstborn son, Dan Mackenzie SRC: @Facebook, @The Star
Pastor Mackenzie’s firstborn son, Dan Mackenzie SRC: @Facebook, @The Star

“I told him that I could not go with him because I am not a farmer. He said that it was okay for me to stay behind if I did not want to join him,” he stated.

“My father loves me. When he left, he told me that if I ever needed anything, he would provide for us. He often send us maize and tomatoes from there (Shakahola) and visited us periodically to monitor how we were doing,” he continued.

Paul Mackenzie son; my father did not force anyone into fasting

In another statement, Dan said that his father never forced anyone into dropping out school or fasting, instead the followers did it willingly. He also added that his father went to Shakahola with an intention of farming and not anything else.

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“All that is a lie because he did not go there with the congregants. He went there on his own because he wanted to become a farmer.

“My father had been a farmer for a long time since 2015. He had bought a piece of land in Kakuyuni and was farming it for about two years,” Dan claimed.

Dan Mackenzie speaks about his father SRC: @YouTube



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