A Kenyan University bans students from dreadlocks, tumbo cuts and miniskirts in its new memo

A Kenyan university has shocked many after releasing a memo with new rules for its students. In the memo, all students were encouraged to adhere to the dress code as they are future leaders. Some of the implemented rules include no dreadlocks, tumbo cuts and miniskirts.

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No dreadlocks, tumbo cuts, and miniskirts

On January 5, 2023, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) Dean of Students, Dr. Esther Mbaandu released a list of what students should wear not while studying in campus. In the statement, students were encouraged to dress properly and comply with the university code of dressing section 3.21.

In the memo, Dr. Esther Mbaandu also asked students to watch their appearance while in class, when taking meals and when doing university activities.

“All university students are required to comply with the University code of dressing and wear appropriate attire during the study, at meal times in the dining hall, and in all university functions,” read part of the memo.  

Below are some of the new implemented rules.

Rules for female students

  1. No miniskirts
  2. Bare back apparel
  3. No tumbo cuts
  4. Dresses or skirts with slits above the knee
  5. No wearing of blouses with necklines that drop more than 4 inches
  6. Body-con tight pants
  7. See-through clothes

“Inappropriate dressing will be evaluated to include tumbo cuts, bare back apparel, miniskirts, skirts and dresses with slits above the knee, blouses with necklines that drop more than 4 inches, body-con tight pants and see-through clothing.”

Rules for male students

On the other hand, male students were prohibited from;

  1. Dreadlocks/ Rasta
  2. Plaited hair
  3. Untucked shirts
  4. Earrings
  5. Vests that show bare chest
  6. Hats/ caps in classes and offices

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The Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) memo (no dreadlocks, tumbo cuts and miniskirts) has left many wondering if other universities will implement the same. Follow us daily and know new stories as they emerge.



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