Mukumu Girls High School again; 11 students hospitalized barely a week after reopening

Eleven students from the Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School have been hospitalized barely a week after the school reopened. This comes days after the institution closed down on April 3, 2023 due to an outbreak of a serious illness that left over hundred students admitted.

Mukumu Girls High School SRC: @Daily Nation
The new principal Mukumu Girls, Sister Jane Mmboone SRC: @Teachers Updates, @Kenya Press Daily

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After a three weeks stay at home, the students of Mukumu Girls reported back to school on 8th May, 2023. Unfortunately, 11 learners reported to be ill on May 12, and were rushed to St Elizabeth Mukumu Mission Hospital in Kakamega County for treatment.

New Principal Mukumu Girls High School Jane Mmbone speaks

While speaking to the media on Saturday 13, May, the school principal confirmed the incident and revealed that two of the learners were suffering from malaria while nine learners were complaining of abdominal pains and fatigue. She however assured parents that there is no cause for alarm as the learners were responding well to treatment.

A group of learners from Mukumu Girls SRC:  @University of Eldoret
A group of learners from Mukumu Girls SRC: @University of Eldoret

She also insisted that learning was uninterrupted despite reports on admitting eleven learners.  Besides, she requested parents not to panic as learners are okay and if anyone needs more information should visit the school.

“The school is okay, learning is going on, and our girls are safe,” Mmbone stated.

“So parents should not panic, and anyone who needs information let him or her come to school, and I will give the true information. But things are okay,” she said.

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Three learners discharged

Madam Jane Mbooni also stated that three out of the eleven learners have been discharged and are back in school and the rest are responding well to medication.

“In fact, three of the students have been discharged after their condition improved and are back in school,” Mmbone stated.

‘’A nurse has also been posted at our school to deal with any emergencies before referring learners to the nearby hospitals,’’ said the Principal Mukumu Girls High School.



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