Kabianga High School students to travel to US for Science Fair Competition

Kenyans have been wowed after Kabianga High School students from Kericho County were declared winners in the Science Fair Competition. The boys who won first place in the esteemed Kenya Science and Engineering Fair (KSEF) have now grabbed a chance to represent Kenya in Los Angeles on the international stage, thanks to their outstanding performance.

Kabianga High School students SRC: @YouTube
Some of Kabianga High School students SRC: @YouTube

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Kabianga High School students to represent Kenya in Los Angeles

Students at Kabianga Boys High School in Kericho County triumphed spectacularly as the winners of the prestigious Kenya Science and Engineering Fair (KSEF). In addition to making their school proud, their outstanding performance has given them the amazing chance to represent Kenya internationally.

Following the thrilling announcement shared on Facebook by Lemiso Media Housed, word of Kabianga High’s victory quickly went viral. Loaded with sincere congrats, the post went viral on the internet, igniting a tidal wave of appreciation and encouragement for the accomplished students.

The community as a whole celebrated the gifted young minds’ amazing accomplishment, and the news was received with joy and pride.

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Science Fair Competition champions

Kabianga Boys High School proved themselves at the KSEF, where they triumphed over strong competition from schools across the country with their creative projects and ground-breaking research. Their victory also granted them the esteemed chance to perform for an international audience.

Full of excitement and anticipation, the students of Kabianga High School are getting ready to travel to the United States.



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