7 Best Internet Service Providers in Kenya

Internet is almost becoming a necessity in our technology-driven era. As a result, the majority of corporates, freelancers, and homeowners can trade anything for a faster connection. Enlisted are the best internet service providers in Kenya.

Internet Service Providers in Kenya SRC: @IT-News-Africa
Best Internet Service Providers in Kenya SRC: @IT-News-Africa

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A greater online presence is good for entertainment, online transactions, eLearning, and eCommerce. It is also advantageous for heavy internet users such as content creators, researchers, and remote workers.

7 Best internet service providers in Kenya.

Choosing between available ISPS is a challenging task considering it is a highly dynamic business.

Some of the factors worth considering include speed, reliability, portability, and pricing.

1. Zuku

Wananchi Group owned Zuku is by far the best ISP in Kenya when it comes to reliable upload and download speeds.

Its unlimited internet is highly accessible in homes and businesses nearby major towns. Monthly triple-play packages are as follows;

  • 60 Mbps for 6,299
  • 20 Mbps for 4,399
  • 10 Mbps for 2,899

Here is a list of Zuku internet-only packages;

  • 60 Mbps for 5,999
  • 20 Mbps for 4,199
  • 10 Mbps for 2,799

Triple play packages are costlier because they come with telephone and television subscription options.

Call Zuku customer care numbers 0205205205 or 0719028200 for help.

2. Safaricom Home Fibre

Internet Service Providers in Kenya SRC: @ThingLink
One of the best Internet Service Providers in Kenya SRC: @ThingLink

Almost all towns in Kenya are now covered with Safaricom home fibre.

The 4G powered network offers the following monthly subscription and rates;

  • Bronze – 8 Mbps at 2,999
  • Silver – 20 Mbps at 4,100
  • Gold – 40 Mbps at 6,299
  • Diamond – 100 Mbps at 12,499

Call customer care at 100, 200, or +254 722 002100 for instant connectivity.

3. Telkom Kenya

Telkom internet is great when it comes to affordability and accessibility. Heavy internet users can for broadband data or wireless connection.

All you need is a MiFi of a 4G LTE enabled device to start streaming.

  • 5 GB at Ksh 250 daily
  • 12 GB at Ksh 1,000 month
  • 30 GB at Ksh 2,000 monthly
  • 50 GB at Ksh 3,000 monthly
  • Unlimited internet at Ksh. 4,000
  • Unlimited Plus at Ksh. 5,500

Visit Telkom Plaza in Nairobi City or call 0202221000 for further directions.

4. Airtel Kenya

Users running on a tight budget often settle with Airtel packages because they are pocket friendlier.

  • 40 GB at Ksh 2,000
  • 70 GB at Ksh 3,000
  • 100 GB at Ksh 4,000

All you need is a router of Ksh. 4,499 or 7,499 to start enjoying these appetizing gigabytes.

Visit Parkside Towers or call customer care at 0733100100 for further inquiries.

5. JTL Faiba

Telecommunications Limited is populous for its animated adverts and dependability.

  • 30 Mbps at Ksh 5,250
  • 50 Mbps at Ksh 10,500
  • 75 Mbps at Ksh 15,750
  • 125 Mbps at Ksh 21,000

JTL address is Jamii Towers and the phone number is 0747585100.

6. Poa Internet

The ISP is particularly excellent at street and home WiFi.

  • 1GB at Ksh. 20
  • 4Mbps at Ksh. 1,500

The unlimited package is available at an installation cost of Ksh. 3,500. Contact customer care at 0730862862.

7. Liquid Telecom

Corporates and large organizations prefer Liquid Telecom home because of these cutting edge packages;

  • 5mbps at Ksh 2,499
  • 10mbps at Ksh 3,499
  • 25mbps at Ksh 5,199
  • 50mbps at Ksh 6,839
  • 100mbps at Ksh 11,999

To connect, call 0205000000 or 0709500500.

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While JTL Faiba is the best with portable WiFi, Liquid Telecom and Safaricom are good picks for home and business access points.

The list of internet service providers in Kenya is becoming longer but the seven are nationally outstanding.



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