WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa, Kisii

The long list of WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa Estate within Kisii town is finally here. Residents can now make informed ISP choices based on the depths of their pockets. Deciding between various packages is no longer difficult.

WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa SRC: @IndiaMART
WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa SRC: @IndiaMART

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Nyanchwa which is nicknamed the Roysambu of Kisii overlooks Kisii town CBD with a series of decorated apartments. In between these cribs are gated homes disappearing between tall trees. The demand for fast internet is rising especially among smart homeowners and freelancers.

WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa

There are 3 main internet providers in Nyanchwa Estate and its surroundings. These range between large corporations and small scale providers.

We take a closer look at the available packages and monthly charges.

1. Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom PLC internet is exclusively available in Nyanchwa Estate. The accessibility is mainly because the estate accommodates deep pocket workers and tycoons in the region. Proximity to the sprawling urban centre is equally advantageous.

  • Bronze -​​ 8 Mbs at ​​KSH. 2,999
  • Silver -​​ 20 Mbs at KSH. 4,100
  • Gold -​​ 40 Mbs at KSH. 6,299
  • ​​Diamond –​​​ 100 Mbs at ​ KSH. 12,499

Notice that the internet is available in pole to pole fibre cable connection. Call 400 for a connection.

2. Giganet Telkoms internet

The ISP is taking over with fast speed fibre cable connections in most parts of Bosongo. For that reason, Giganet Telkoms is the best WiFi Company in town.

One of the best WiFi providers in  Nyanchwa estate SRC:  @KISII FINEST
One of the best WiFi providers in Nyanchwa estate SRC: @KISII FINEST

Giganet Home Packages

  • Light – 5 Mbs at KSH. 2,000
  • Moderate – 10 Mbs at KSH. 3,500
  • Heavy – 15 Mbs at KSH. 4,900

Giganet Business Plans

  • Bronze – 5 Mbs at KSH. 3,000
  • Silver – 10 Mbs at KSH. 4,900
  • Gold – 15 Mbs at KSH. 9,000
  • Diamond – 20 Mbs at KSH. 15,000

The unlimited internet comes in handy for heavy internet users running on a tight budget. Call customer care at 0700387033.

3. Gicanet Solutions internet

The ISP offers the following WiFi packages within and outside Kisii town.

  • 3 Mbs at KSH. 2,500
  • 4 Mbs at KSH. 3,000
  • 6 Mbs at KSH. 4,000
  • 10 Mbs at KSH. 6,500

Installation fee of KSH. 13,500 apply to first-time customers seeking a connection. Call Gicanet phone number +254706100108 for further help.

4. JTL Faiba WiFi

Jamii telecommunication is a nationwide ISP renowned for its excellent internet experience. Monthly plans are as follows.

  • 25 Mbs at KSH. 1,000
  • 40 Mbs at KSH. 2,000
  • 70 Mbs at KSH. 3,000
  • 120 Mbs at KSH. 4,000
  • 210 Mbs at KSH. 6,000

Besides, JTL offers daily and weekly limited internet plans. These include;

  • 1 GB at KSH. 50 daily
  • 8 GB at KSH. 300 weekly
  • 15 GB at KSH. 500 weekly

On top of that is an hourly unlimited internet at KSH. 150. Call 0747585100 for a MiFi.

5. Telkom Home Fibre

 Lite internet users can opt for Telkom Home Fibre at KSH. 3,900 monthly.

The unlimited package is available at full speed for up to 6 GB a day. Between 6 GB and 10 GB, users will be capped at a maximum browsing speed of 1 Mbs.

Thereafter, the speeds will be sliced to 512 Mbs. Contact Telkom customer care at 0202221000.

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Some of the leading WiFi Providers in Nyanchwa are also available in other counties. Follow us daily and know more on the best WiFi providers in Kisii County.



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