Cardinal Otunga KCSE Results 2023 Analysis

Cardinal Otunga KCSE results 2023 have once again demonstrated its academic prowess in the larger Gusii region and beyond. The prestigious extra-county school nestled in the heart of Kisii County also featured among the top-performing schools in the 2022 KCSE results.

Cardinal Otunga KCSE Results 2023 Analysis
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The institution posted a mean of 10.76 with all of its 330 candidates scoring above C+. This remarkable achievement means a 100% transition to university for the 2022 KCSE candidates.

Cardinal Otunga KCSE results 2023 analysis

Cardinal Otunga High School hit an impressive mean of 10.76 securing it a second position nationally, and trailing only behind Nyambaria National School.

A closer look at the Cardinal Otunga 2023 KCSE results reveals that 28 students achieved the coveted A grade, while 201 scored an A-. Remarkably, all students managed to score at least a C+.

The performance breakdown of Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School KCSE 2023 results is as follows

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School KCSE RESULTS 2023

Why Cardinal Otunga High School?

With such a track record, there is every possible likelihood that Cardinal Otunga High School will persist in raising the benchmark in academic performance, reaching even loftier heights of success in the years to come.

This is the legacy of Cardinal Otunga High School, a legacy of excellence and determination.

At the helm of this high-performing institution is Mr. Albert Ombiro, the principal of Cardinal Otunga High School.

Mr. Ombiro has been widely recognized for the school’s exceptional performance in the KCSE exams. Under his leadership, the school excels not only academically but also in extracurricular activities, providing a holistic education experience for its approximately 6360 students.

Cardinal Otunga High School Contacts

For any queries regarding school fees and other payments, the school administration can be contacted at the phone number (+254)0725875439 or via email at [email protected].

Cardinal Otunga KCSE results 2023 have set a gold standard. The school’s continued excellent performance is not just a testament to its past achievements, but also a beacon of hope for its future pursuits.

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